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  • larkoo5 larkoo5 May 21, 2013 10:40 AM Flag


    I dont understand why if the stock has been uplisted there is no PR out?
    This could quiet the critics for the time being! What bothers me is this should be something to
    talk about and get out there! Many of us have been waiting for this!

    What also bothers me is all this chatter about Wallach using his shares to buy a company.
    The man has said he will do this. my thought all along is that was the plan and that's why
    he has the shares he has. Many of us longs are still feeling the sting of the merger and
    have yet to recoup much of our loss from the stock being so diluted but many of us held
    out hope that it was part of a larger plan. Now we see this company is hitting a home run
    every quarter and yet we see NO PR on uplisting and NO news of Wallach using his shares
    as he said he would! I know things take time but if the uplisting is done then get the news out!

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    • It could be because they are looking to move up to the OTC-QX. The OTC-QB has no minimum financial requirements with about 3,200 companies and the QX has less than 400. We still have not heard if the SEC has approved the May 10th response to the last comment.

    • You ask good questions. Let me add one. This isn't original, as it was asked on another MB:
      How can John Rochon be on the investment committee when he is the CEO of a company that looks to be in direct competition w/ JCOF for acquisitions? How can he still be a director?

      On a side note, Rochon has also floated the idea that he will use his CVSL shares for acquisitions. Who will be first? Rochon or Wallach? My opinion: ain't gonna happen in either case.

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      • Rochon has been at this game alot longer than Wallach, What is the chances that there is a merger with Rochon going on right now behind closed doors. Rochon group was instrumental in the merger to youngevity who is to say that there wasn't some longer term commitment that just hasn't been anounced. For both the Rochons and the Wallachs it would be a matter of documents of shares being exchanged similar to the way javalution was done with the former owner. Just sayin!

      • its because of the split an more important the huge dilution that always kills these stocks for along period of time.its been 2 3/4 years an it will take at least 2 more years for anything to be clear.

    • I gave you a thumbs up because those are the types of threads we need!
      I truly believe that since they qualify for OTCQX, a PR is on hold until they are able to finalize the QX. After all, there is NO extra cost to being on QX, so why bother staying on QB?
      But as many have stated, too many outstanding shares to gain interest from new investors. They can either reverse split or buy a company (of value) with existing shares without further diluting.

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      • Hopefully Wallach will make good on his promise to use some shares for a purchase. I'm honestly not sure another R/S is a bad thing. It would probably drive the price down initially as some people get #$%$ off or panic and sell, but long term having less than 380 million shares for a company that has potentially $120 million in revenue and $8-12 million in gross profits for the year would not be a bad thing.

    • lots of questions to be answered.....

    • well i see two quick negatives funny how fast that hit. Must be the person with all the
      fake ID's on the board. Hey too bad you dont have the nutt sack to tell why the
      double negative. This board is watched close and I dont think its by day traders.

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