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  • ncpanther81 ncpanther81 Dec 26, 2008 11:12 AM Flag

    Does Investor Relations...

    ...ever email you back?

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    • I see Karmoe420 has joined Sayfu on this site as exhibiting birdbrain tendencies. You throw the word "idiot" around pretty loosely, son, when someone doesn't agree with your "opinions." Sounds like you ought to look in the mirror more often.

      The truth about Reagan is that he did at least as much fiscal damage as he did good. Read more (not TV, not radio) and you might find that out. Republicans have misguidedly been looking for an encore for Reagan for years, when one of his main axioms -- that debt doesn't matter -- has lived to haunt us to this day. Many Americans -- not me -- have been living by a borrow-today-and-worry-about-it-tomorrow theory for too long. As a result we've gone from unprecedented prosperity to become the larger debtor nation in the history of the world.

      If that philosophy makes you happy, then please continue to idoloze the guy who set us on that path.

    • You are an idiot. You think more taxes are good for people? Idiot. You think more regulators will fix the regulators and their regulatory problems. Idiot. There is a well written document called the Constitution that has guidelines for taxes and regulations for business that needs to be adhered to. Not manipulated to the manipulators design. Reagan was the reason we returned to a growing economy after Carter ruined the entire country. Carters housing programs were expanded by Clinton to allow these or rather force the banks to make bad loans to those unable to understand what they were signing. do some research and learn what really is. Quit listening to the TV for your info. It is not a Dem/Rep one or the other caused problem either. It all began with ending the gold standard. This allowed govt. to spend whatever they want because they would just print more money. If you want to get real deep then blame Roosevelt for the seeds of this mess. He didn't create jobs, he created debt financing.

    • Minnesotafa wrote: During GW's tenure, the (business regulation) "Rulebook" is bigger than it has ever been. During the economic boom of Reagan, the # of pages was the least. Just heard it on the radio for thought! Very few in our Congress have a business background or degree, so why should they be setting the rules on how to run businesses? Think about it!--

      First, it's now well-established that Reagan put into place a number of the business policies that have eventually blown up in Americans' faces, not the least of which was his zeal for cutting taxes that contributed mightily to tripling the long-tern national debt and still plagues us today. Second, anybody who uses the radio as a legitimate news source, especially if it's a political talk show, needs an industrial strength filter to sort out the B.S. from the facts. Thus that person can be prone to being easily manipulated.

    • You must be referring to Tom Delay aand Abranof and K street. Bill Richardson has not been proven guilty of anything yet only he had the decency to step out of the way to avoid a prolonged comfirmation. By the way for those of you who write that the Government forced the banks to give loans to UNQUALIFIED buyers you listen too much to fox news . They forced the banks to give loans to GUALIFIED buyers in minority ditricts which the banks called the red line districts and refused to serve them regardless of qualifications Get your facts straight

    • Goes with the party? That's a joke. Both parties have had their share of scandals, but the republicans are way ahead in that category.

    • I agree, excellent post. Bush has wiped out the American dream. It will take some expert work to fix all his problems. Good luck to Obama. He will need it.

    • Don't let sayfu drag this drag this board down into a quatmire of meaningless political bullshit. Let's show a little discipline, people. SBLK, shipping only. PLEASE!

    • That's right, BIG GOV will take away corruption. Are you from Illinois? Blind or stupid?

    • Sayfu wrote, somewhat typically: The worst thing that can happen is for BIG GOVT to continue to get involved in every sector of the economy, and prolong the economic pain!!!!! Let the free markets work!!!!!

      The simple translation of what this guy cries for is "less oversight." I think we all know by now that in many cases that is a perfect recipe for corruption and ultimately a failed market.

      How many scandals will it take for that point to become common knowledge?

    • "..just the circumstances that made me put my money into SBLK have changed dramatically. At that point, I was hoping it would get better. I was hoping it was temporary.."

      So it was not so long ago (around the time) when the market started decline, you put into SBLK and you 'hoped' it would get better and you 'hoped' it (the downturn) was temporary. Now it appears all is not what you have hoped. I think you have two options now: (1) pull out your position and wait until (if) the market recovers and re-enter, (2) keep your hope longer and the market might turnaround before SBLK sinks. Blame even yourself is of no use now. You need action.

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