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  • enekktyf20 enekktyf20 Aug 13, 2013 1:01 AM Flag

    any thoughts?


    I bought PTIX about 9 months ago for .75 because of an alert on perfect daytrader (google them). I sold for $3.8 on their sell alert and i banked $43k. im still holding and hoping it'll go up more but i think its going down because they have a new pick coming out. i might just dump it and focus on their next pick. any thoughts? thanks

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    • last week i made 3k on there alert

    • never even hit 3.8????????

    • damn you did bank!

    • PTIX supporting well...going to $4 next stop: and $10...future momo 2013 and beyond-

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • electrowing Aug 13, 2013 4:32 PM Flag

      long is looser.

    • using this site for almost 4 months it!

    • Strategy

      The Company's strategy is to focus on its high value-add network communications solutions - leveraging its core competencies. In the telecommunications space, PT is building upon its seventeen years of signaling systems experience and its installed customer base for its SEGway SS7 Signaling Systems. The mobile telecommunications industry is in the early stages of building out much higher bandwidth 4G/LTE-based network architectures. As part of this network evolution, service providers' signaling infrastructure is migrating from SS7 signaling to Diameter signaling. During 2012, PT introduced its own SEGway Universal Diameter Router ("UDR"), a premier Diameter Signaling solution set for next-generation 4G/LTE networks, and the Company recognized its first related revenue during the first quarter 2013. The Company's SEGway Diameter signaling product line gained traction and momentum by adding additional customers during the second quarter. The Company expects to be a key player in this growth market by providing high value proposition "best-of-breed" solutions and by taking those solutions to the global market through a combination of strong channel partners and focused direct sales activities.

      Sales of our IPnexus Multi-Protocol IP-interworking solutions are typically to prime contractors and system integrators and generally reflect investment levels by various government agencies and defense branches in specific programs and projects requiring radar and sensor communications services over IP networks. These solutions enable extremely reliable and highly available radar and sensor communications - gathering and delivering vital data such as weather, flight tracking, and ground surveillance over IP networks. We continue to work with numerous prime contractors to incorporate these products into specific programs and projects requiring enhanced communications capabilities. Looking ahead, the Company expects to expand its IPnexus Multi-Protocol Gateways and Servers into new aerospace/defense applications as well as potentially enter new emerging markets such as Energy and Smart-Grid.

      As part of its strategic realignment, which was initiated during the fourth quarter 2012, PT is transitioning out of the general OEM platform business, through a last-time buy and build program which will run through 2014 for major customers. PT will continue to utilize its own open standards platforms as key elements of its network communications solutions and maintain a certain number of strategic OEM platform customers.

      During the first half of 2013, the Company has increased its sales and marketing investments for our SEGway Diameter signaling product line to accelerate our penetration in this growing market.

      In summary, given our concentrated product focus, the substantial steps we have taken to reduce our operating expense levels and our strong and unleveraged balance sheet, management believes PT is well positioned for a positive future trajectory as economic conditions improve.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy