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  • cynicalfool2 cynicalfool2 Oct 19, 2002 9:52 AM Flag


    Yoda, you made the prediction that they
    would dump the tech for peanuts, you
    are correct.
    What is left to see, is what the Cash
    burn levels stay at. Who stays with the
    company when the tech goes and how the
    cash is handled.

    I remain cynical

    This post contains forward looking statements
    that may be affected by the intelligence of
    the investors and or the proposed suitor.

    but I doubt it

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    • odd this loser only shows up when
      someone questions the actions of the
      Attacks anybody with a negative opinion.
      Doesn't address any of the issues.

      Want to take on the NAS delisting issue ?
      Want to talk about COX again. You seem
      to like them.

    • whine on loser
      you know you said nokia was a deal
      that the brit bank deal proved the
      value of this companies products
      that you would rather listen to
      ML until they were convicted of fraud
      and fined.

      whine on whine on, prove you have ever
      been correct.


      it was TEX that said we are heading for
      double digits. It was TEX that had
      Strong Buy on his claims.

      You said you controlled this list
      you can't even control your bowls.


    • LOL Man thats funny as shit

    • Cynical:

      Selling or dumping as you put it the software business, which is our only business, for peanuts was widely anticipated.

      From the "" article on 9-11-02 ( strange timing ) we saw that DeutscheBank's David Garrity predicted a sale of between $ 5 and 10 million. Though not being a "professional" stock analyst myself, I could not see at this time of our stock market sentiment how we could get that much. Hence, in my 9-30-02 post my best guess was between $ 1 and 2 million, which was still a bit too generous.

      Regardless, I am glad to see this coming to an end. We have all seen since the Q3-2000 earnings call ( another disaster ), that the stock with very few exceptions, always traded at below cash levels. Why ??? Clearly, other than an overwhelming management and staff structure, software sales and services seemed to carry a significant LIABILITY in terms of tech support etc. Even recently, with just 47 or so employees we were still trading about $ 2 / share below cash. Seems to me, the market was saying now as in the past that CLRS being in the software business was a huge liability, recently up to $ 32 million for the $ 2 / share times our 16 million shares.

      Therefore, if we can remove a $ 32 million liability by someone paying us $ 1 million, then I am all for that. What is truly amazing is that in March of 2000 during the secondary offering, the market though cracy at the time, paid $ 115 / share which now the same market has valued at minus $ 2 / share or worse. So getting out at a " peanut " level, though still positive, is pretty good in my book.

      I agree with you as being curious about future cash burns if any. I would tend to think, that we should soon see what will be left. The way I see it, there should be only two or three employees at most. JM to keep track of the money and one or two others with other incidentals. The question will be how " OUR " $ 100 million will be invested and how much in interest or dividends we will be getting.


      • 1 Reply to tex7779
      • You have predicted double digit prices
        for the stock.
        You have predicted the share value of 11
        or better.
        You have never once been correct in any of
        your predictions.

        What 32 million liablility ?
        The major expence has been the overhead
        of crappy management.

        The service group was turning a profit.
        The original company was profitable.
        Not much but at least SOME.

        I do not see this sale as a good thing,
        perhaps the only avenue they left after
        ruining any chance Clarus had.
        What makes anyone think these people
        can run any business ?

        1. The deal has not been finalized.
        2. The law Suit is not finished.

        The saga of the Clarus losses
        is not over. Lets see how much of that
        100 M is left when they get their
        bonuses for selling this pig
        and Where they then invest the money.

        SOFN is being milked, and their value
        has not gone up.