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  • tex7779 tex7779 Jun 12, 2001 4:18 PM Flag

    Every day in every way the boys take


    What do you make of today's close and volume. Is it encouraging or us longs ?


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    • indicates that 21,987 insiders have become multi-millionaires in the last year selling their shares (to geniuses) before they dropped to current levels while 30 million American shareholders lost $3 trillion dollars of shareholder value.

      Even our chief magician enhanced his status in his community by selling to geniuses:

      23-Aug-00 JEFFERY, STEPHEN P
      President, Director, Chief Executive Officer,Chairman 20,000
      CLRS Sold at $46.35/Share.
      Proceeds of $927,000.

      7-Aug-00 JEFFERY, STEPHEN P
      President, Director, Chief Executive Officer,Chairman 29,500
      CLRS Sold at $38.02 -- $40.02/Share.
      Proceeds of $1,150,660.

    • How are you?

      Here's my read re: chart.

      Market is up on decent volume. Most important daily quote is the closing price. Closing price was ok for a consolidation move. And a time consolidation is what we're seeing. Sideways. Confirming the most recent up-gap move. Looks like we're making a wedge in CLRS.

      After completion of the time consolidation at the current level, there'll be a breakout move. Look at the direction of the breakout for further indication of CLRS price-action. CLRS can reasonably be expected to break-out on the up-side. (Addnote: If the market is playing with nervous longs, it may break-out on the down-side and correct that move a couple of days later).

      Anyway, CLRS ought to behave trend-conform. That means the direction of the most recent up-move ought to continue. If it does not, something is surely wrong with CLRS.

      Personally, I like very much what I'm seeing. Also on the intraday chart yesterday. Some shorts are playing with nervous longs. You should only look to the closing price. Make sure it's strong. The "big guys" buy either at the beginning or at the end. Mostly at the end.

      CLRS has the potential of being a worthwile play for a turnaround. Think that some speculative players are getting in and they'll increase their gains slowly at first.

      So we ought to bring some time here.

      I'll increase my leverage by a factor of two today and hope CLRS goes up.

      Good luck to you. Pi.

      P.S. Expect to see more volume here, on average.

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      • No sales, No news, No future.

        Charts mean nothing. They told us before that it was heading for 12, then 8, didn't do it.

        All of the up predictions have been incorrect. The claims of Nokia and Microsoft, rumors that fell through. You can have dangling (chart reference) anythings you want and the lack of sales and low stock price will continue to plague clarus.

        They are right back where they were when they dumped their ERP business.

        It will take a rabbit and hat trick to save this one.

        Look at the stock action for the months since the insiders dumped their stock. (Aug)
        The stock gets to the 7's then dumps down again. No steady trend. The vol. yesterday was only slightly above the average for that time (Aug - now). This in nothing new and will not sustain.

        We saw the shorts covering (should have done so months back).

        Clarus is in circular arguement land.


        No one buys from a company that doesn't look stable.

        B2B as a buzz word is dead. Some of the features will live on. Most of the software is now commodity.

        If you are counting on the Backlog to save them remember some of their customers are unstable.
        The others (2?) don't have to stay with them. The facts about the back log are speculation anyway. They don't have to post the figures only allude to them. I wouldn't put my faith in it. They state that they have 50% of the sales expectation (or more now). Is that based on the lowered pessimistic option that they released ? If so what exactly does that mean any way ? If I say I will lose 50 mil. and I am half way there will you buy my stock (abrasive dig).

        PI. save yourself put your money where it will make money. This turkey is flapping but it cannot fly.