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  • dragan7777777777 dragan7777777777 May 12, 2005 7:43 PM Flag

    sell or buy?

    Today price reversal! From here can go both ways, although did not get over 10 days MA. Most likely going down tomorrow.Why? Price rules, candlestick, and other technical signs are now neutral, but the odds are against! Kudos for the day traders.
    I am still out till price hit somewhere around 15-17( major support ). News can change my mind or I will wait for next earning report.

    A word on :rankings, analysts,IBD, Zacks, Forbes, Baron, Fools, etc. Somebody is naive, stupid, or lying. Why so much noise what IBD did with PTC? Anytime when any of "major gurus" rank stock as a pick number one, or label as: a "strong buy" or a "best undiscovered growth stock", etc: sell immediately or next day!! That little darling is going down for sure. Story is over long time ago, you are late, money has been made, and if you jump in now you will loose 90% of the time, even with stop loss. Investing is gambling against smart and quick crooks, and little gay can win only playing with odds, not against. This is rule number one for investors, and if you do not digest this one you will always loose no matter which game you play.
    If you play against odds better go to Vegas and have some fun for your money.
    I know you will say: smart gay, who the hell you think you are.....,who gives a right to ..
    OK. This is for a poor gay, who invests a little, read and listen a lot, and always loose big. Authority? I have lost big, I have made big, never short, played options, and yes I have bought Google. I am positive only since I am playing with odds on my side. "The house" does not like this info out for the public, they make living from toads.
    Good luck
    PS: I will write a book one day if I am not too lazy or too old. My problem: English not a mother tongue language.

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    • I have a quick note on the guru's portion.

      For the last 6 months I have been tracking a few of the stocks IBD picks. EVERYTIME, IBD picks a stock that is within the top 20 and is cheap 15-25 dollar range..... The stock takes off./ See for yourself. Todays list will be no exception.
      So in contrast to what you were saying. Pay attention not only to fundamental, technical, and crowd conception of price. This is a hard cold fact.
      But PTC is a good company.


      I sold PTC 23.11. Bought it back the same day @ 18.81.

      I believe PTC will go back up in the near term, no doubt. This was the first shake out they have had the entire ride up.
      It was a good one too. Here's to the guy that invented stop loss! Cheers

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      • Hi SM,

        You will ask: what happened? I have said odds are going down unless something happen. It did happen. Two very positive news reports.. and PTC is up. I am sorry that I did not know it will happen, otherwise I will be in. One of the lessons I have learned is : never be sorry for the money you could have made, but always be sorry for the money you lost.

        My method? It will not help you or anybody elese. Every investor has to develop own method, back test it, and apply 100%, no "..buts, ifs, etc...", must be 100% ALL THE TIME! I carefully check fundamentals ( exp.,if I hold a stock more than a couple of days it must have ROE at or over 50% ), than I am buying only when there are strong buy signals ( I like long basing pattern and sudden two-three days price up on huge volume increase with no news, or when 20/50 MA cross 200 MA on huge volume without any news ), and I am selling ALWAYS when there are strong sell signals, no questions asked ( like huge price drop on huge volume )!

        So, how all this works with PTC? PTC cought my attention for strong technical run. But had screaming sell signal ( 20% price drop on huge volume without news ), also, IBD, others ranked it as a "strong buy". Sure sign I am out. Stock had great run, now it is over, analysts are ALWAYS late with recommendations.
        Strong buy means now sell!I have learned this lesson painfully long time ago.

        If you want to learn more read these two books: " When buy means sell" by Eric Shkolnik and " The 21 irrefutable truths of trading " by John Hyden. Make sure that you read these books twice, slowly, and thinking.
        Of course, no book or rule will help you unless you experience it and addopt it and apply it 100%, all the time!

        Good luck

    • From dragan 777777777:

      >...I am positive only since I am playing with odds on my side. "The house" does not like this info out for the public, they make living from toads...<

      What is your method for getting the odds on your side?

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