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  • bully4u2 bully4u2 Aug 31, 1999 4:24 PM Flag

    That msg board sucks..

    The air coming into the cabin may be much more
    clean than the air we breath on the ground, but two
    other things are going on. First, a percentage of the
    air is recirculated, and the amount recirculated on
    the newer jets is substantially higher than on the
    older jets. Second, it is being contained in a rather
    limited space (the cabin) which is densely populated with
    people, some of whom have contageous diseases. So, one's
    chances of contracting the common cold or something worse
    is far greater in a plane's cabin then on the
    ground. Then there is the matter of whether harmful gases
    are being outgased from the seats, carpets, plastics,
    foams, etc. And that is a whole other story that it
    would be nice to get the strait scoop on.

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