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  • surfer_jo_az surfer_jo_az Jun 15, 2011 1:39 PM Flag

    Invest in Farm Land

    More Teradata cloud sites will be built on large open fields.

    Customers will sprout data centers like mushrooms. Teradata to replace legacy "main frames" and become the "front end" of data processing --not the back end role they played in the past.

    They will expand transaction processing,large scale "map reduce" processing , analytics and consulting services to surpass both IBM and Oracle.

    Koehler will retract "We don't want to be your largest vendor ..."

    Bet on it -- sell your house and buy farm land and TDC.

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    • Surely you jest. Look at the analyst estimates for growth rates. The 5-year rate for TDC is 12% which is doing $2B in sales. The 5-year rate for ORCL is 16% on sales of $34B. Credit Suisse is estimating Exadata revenues of $7B - $9B in 2015. If they sold $500M in Exadata boxes this year, that's a 63-73% growth rate on Exadata over the next four years! Compare to 12% for TDC. Forget the marketing hype. The market is voting for Exadata in a huge way.

      Also, TDC currently spends 7.4% of revenues on R&D versus 1.9% for ORCL. That equates to $3.1B in R&D for ORCL and $145M for TDC. ORCL spends more on R&D than total TDC sales. The fact that TDC is already at 7.4% is a bad sign. It means that if ORCL feels threatened, they can increase R&D by quite a bit to develop better boxes and still not have nearly as high a percentage as TDC. IMO TDC is getting pretty extended on R&D costs. Not to mention other competitors like classic IBM and now IBM/Netezza. IBM is pouring a lot of money into Netezza at this point.

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