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  • mandan14shooter mandan14shooter Nov 21, 2011 12:50 PM Flag

    i welded up 4 holes in the center of

    a 79 Ford truck door and did the mud/primer work. Those big old trailor mirrors are ugly. A quart of Acrylic Enamel was 135 bucks. YIKES!! What the heck is happening in this world. Ripping people off seems to be the trend these days. i remember when you could buy a gallon of Centari for 30 bucks and a gallon of reducer for 7 bucks. A 3/4 gallon of Imron with a quart of activator cost 100 bucks. GREED kills the Soul....

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    • what colors are you comparing in prices?

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      • Painted both centers of the doors with a lt. green Delstar and only used 20-25% of the can. Those HVLP Sata Jet guns are amazing. PPG has some great products. Their old K200 and the newer K36 primers and DP Sealers are hard to beat. If you're talking about those old Centari prices, reds might of cost 5 bucks more a gallon. All the metallic Imron prices were about the same.

        If plain white bread prices went up at the same rate as automotive paint during that time, we'd be paying 5.50 a loaf.

        Twenty years ago i worked in a regular body shop, street rod shop and a well known 55-57 T-Bird restoration shop in Renton (Franks Restoration) for about a year. Body off rotisserie restorations and every car had to be straight enough for black. Frank was a stickler for perfection. i did all the mud work and if you undress almost any 55-57 T-bird, it wasn't a pretty sight. It took me an average of about 110 hours to get it ready for painter John. They used K200 primer at the time and it bugged the heck out of me that that he sanded the first coats with 80 Grit longboard. You never sand primer with 80 grit. Even with activated material, those 80 grit scratches are ugly. It was a slap in my face and i asked them why they did it. They said they've always done it that way. A very poor excuse. We did have some fun over there though. There were only three of us and Boss Frank worked in a seperate building tearing down and doing final assembly of the cars. He's a good guy, totally honest and joy to work for. Painter John and i had a separate building to work in. John was known to take a couple hits of weed now and then, and one of those times went into the paint booth and painted the removable hardtop of a 56 Bird black, when it should of been painted white. Frank was hot as he was a stickler for originality. John had to wait and take it off. If Frank would have been keyed into the extra smoke, John would have been down the highway. Even though i never had to work on my knees, doing mud work for a year was like time in jail, but the results of our work rivaled Amos Minters cars in every detail. They were a pretty sight to behold....

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