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  • glen3725 glen3725 Apr 10, 2002 2:28 PM Flag

    Any ideas on who we shall acquire?

    My $ is on PFCB, PNRA looks good but it doesn't really fit, and I've heard such good things about P.F. Chang, but I've never even seen one yet! Any way, that's my input!

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    • I agree, RARE would be a nice pickup.

    • how about lonestar steak house. twenty dollar a share book value no debt and 100 million in cash. This company is about to be stollen by the insiders. this company sounds like just what dri is looking for

    • Wow, of all the stores to mention, you would mention JAX... Just on a fluke I have a very small position with this company and have worked for them. It is a terrific concept with fantastic food, and all the time working for them I had thought "DRI would do well with an upscale concept like JAX... They could whip JAX into profitablitiy and JAX could certainly show DRI how to achieve some really fantastic teamwork and server training."

      Funny you would mention little tiny JAX of all places....


      DISCLOSURE: I own JAX and own DRI.... I also post on occasion, on the JAX board. No hype or pump and dump... my twenty shares are not worth the fees!

    • DRI needs to find a company like JAX who has a great product and strong foundation and aquire them now while they are extremely undervalued. Upscale casual is the best direction for them to go.

    • I agree, it will definitely be after the split! My guess is with around earnings in May. Truth be known, it is my ultimate opinion that Darden will replace McDonald's in the Dow in the next 3-7 years! ...and I don't think I am being too optimistic! Just some thoughts! Thanks for reply!

    • My thoughts on Smokey:

      1) Food is not that great or different. Nothing that sets it apart from others.

      2) You can't drive one mile without having a considerable amount of sports bars selling barbeque type items. (At least in my area)

      3) I have been several times to different SB locations and have yet to wait to get a table. (I think this is the most important factor) I can't remember the last time I did not wait for OG, RL and you are at least a one-two hour wait for BB!

      4) I keep hearing Darden Corporate saying they are after the baby boomers with discretionary income to spend on entertainment. How does Smokey fit in there? Guys in their 20's and 30's are not going to drop $15 on ribs while watching a game. New stores might do well initially but I think the novelty will wear off. I think 300-400 SB's would not be a good thing. Check one out, then compare it to the other Darden concepts; especially BB.

      Just my thoughts.

    • "I have a hard time believing this is a major concept-to-be like RL, OG and BB are. But that is another discussion."

      So let us get the discussion started! Damon's was my first gig waiting tables back in college. It seemed to me that a BBQ joint was and is a good idea (although comparing menus, I have noticed that Damons charges a bigger chunck of change for a slab or ribs then SB does.....A LOT more.)

      What are the challenges you see this concept facing?


      DISCLOSURE: I have never been to a smokey bones....

    • Glen,

      Not many old timers who remember $7-$12 a share but I believe you may have been one of them. I can not imagine Darden closing their year out financially in June without an announcement unless something happens to delay the deal. From reading the press releases and talking to some employees though, it sounds like Mr. Lee has all but signed and sealed who the fifth concept will be. Just a question of the announcement which I think will be within the next 60 days. I have been wrong before though.

      Dr. Home Depot

      P.S. - Went to Bahama again this week and for those posters who have not been there, truly amazing. It gets you excited about where we are going long term with this company's stock price. Still concerned about Smokey Bones though. I have a hard time believing this is a major concept-to-be like RL, OG and BB are. But that is another discussion.

    • Has DRI stated that it is taking an active interest in acquiring any concepts, and not simply developping a new one for themselves?

      What are some good concepts out there that they could go with that would not compete with existing stores? I can come up wiht a few:

      * Breakfast Chain
      * Steak House
      * Mexican Concept (What did they already have?)
      * Middle Eastern (no more unusual than BB!)
      * Bar & Grille concept (a la Applebees)


    • Why not CHGO? It has the best growth rate in the sector,lots of cash, and good management. It's always the most popular restaurant in the area with long wait lines.

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