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  • buckobrennan buckobrennan Jul 11, 2003 10:09 AM Flag

    GET OUT NOW!!!

    take the money and run. Dri and market going down from here.-bucko

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    • I will be buying World Com at the open...Its like real real cheap n shit...I can get like 1 million shares for like 60K...Wow, to own 1 million shares in a company...Unreal...

    • today tyc closed a lot of the gap between its price and dri. will probably cross later this week. i sold 2000 shares of tyc at 19.66 . tomorrow i watch tyc and dri like a vulture in need of a meal. i'd like to read what others are doing with their investments. all makes for good reading.-bucko

    • <Those who follow his lead lost today.>

      You are correct! You win some, you lose some. Nobody is right all the time.

      <Bucko got caught on the wrong side of an upgrade and if he cannot talk the stock down again will move on to another stock to daytrade.>

      Sounds like a good strategy if you have the time and if it works for you.

    • my posts are my opinion. i am a believer the market is trading within a range right now. 9000 dow to 9250. i sometimes daytrade and sometimes hold and go long. right now i'm with tyc and yes it is 8k shares. for a over a month i found that tyc and dri was crossing. when one got ahead of the other by 20-30 cents i would sell the higher one for the lower. seems that either tyc/dri would eventually turn and run by the other. this flipping has been working but now dri has really run out ahead. i'm holding all tyc and waiting for the report on the 29th. i still believe the market on monday or tues will drop again as the big boys rake in their profits. right now it is hard to make money in the market by not day/swing trading. as John Bollinger said on cnbc, it is easy to daytrade/swingtrade when there is ni bull market. and he feels that the valuations of the market are too high for a bull market to develop at this time. daytrading/swing trading in his opinion doesn't work in a bull market.
      i hope you all make a killing on dri and yes i hope after a tyc run that dri either falls back or stay where it is till tyc catches up. imo-dri will fall back some. hope to get back in soon.-bucko

      ps-btw-trading 1000 to 2000 shares of tyc and dri at a time allowed me to make over 3k in profits. may have only been 20-35 cent moves usually but remember the moves at times where better than they looked. sell tyc at say 19.00 and buy dri at 18.90. sell dri at 19.20 and buy tyc back at 18.85 . do that 5-6-7 times in a month and you can make green.

    • Never heard you so emphatic before. You have been calling them pretty good lately. So, I listened. I'm out at 19.49. I'll take my paltry profits and buy a bottle of Four Roses.

    • I sell TYC and buy DRI if I were you.

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      • nah. dri have a nice day but how can you not take the money when there handing it to you? as i posted dri was 19.45 i think. watch. tyc and dri will cross in price again within 1 week. amybe 2. now, tyc was 18.80's as i posted. if you sell the dri and buy tyc you can go back to dri evenutally and keep the cash/profit. that is exactly what i have been doing. btw-tyc reports on 29th. at that time, tyc will make a move. hopefully the report is a positive one and the stock jumps.-bucko

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