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  • cash_back_7 cash_back_7 Mar 22, 2013 5:55 PM Flag

    analysts, take a note morons


    when stores have specifically very slow month with the SHARP drop in sales (see February) then it often follows by some strange spike - kinda like people are doing what they forgot to do last month or u may compare to the fancy charts u are running for this garbage if it is easier to understand. And often that Feb TV promotions work with delay because of the large number of special idi. ots. who pay attention to them. So u have a drop, then up zigzag with "the lower high" - kinda like bernake is teaching u how to steal non stop from the American people.

    then those "new" cheaper or so called "healthier" things they offer - if u run a store yourself u may see regulars tend to jump on those new things and then often back off. but they try the new stuff, plus waiter will be pushing them.

    how much TV advertising have they really done during the same period last year - much less.

    half of the conference call was about the weather issues. yep, the weather talk because no one needs this #$%$. but please keep pumping it.

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    • "Healthy" food is the trend. It is nothing but reduced portions of extremely dry "food". All restaurants are in this game. Brinker talks ad infinitum about their new cooking apparatus and how it will change the world. They also added "healthy" choices. I used to like their peppercorm burger. It is gone. The biggest hypester is Panera. Half soup and half sandwich with 2-oz schips cost close to $10. I cannot believe people line up for that stuff. It might cost $2-$3 if you make it yourself. Are people so lazy or pressed for time?

      Darden and Brinker essentially wanred about Q1 in anal-yst meetings. But the stocks took off. If someone can explain this phenomenon, TIA.

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