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  • flnha flnha Sep 2, 1999 10:49 PM Flag

    Growth in Darden

    Been a holder of Darden the last 3 years and am
    very pleased with the growth even with the recent
    downturn the last few weeks. My only beef is everything I
    have seen and heard of Bahama Breeze has been
    outstanding. Why then is the rate of expansion so slow in that
    segment of the company. I believe if expansion was at a
    greater rate, we would see much better earnings growth
    with significantly greater returns. Especially in the
    Southeast where it would seem this type of restaurant would
    be widely accepted as it has been in

    At the rate they are expanding, it will be some time
    before Bahama Breeze is a player. Any thoughts?

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    • It is a great restaurant here in Orlando and is on a wait by 11:30 for lunch and the wait starts at 6:30 for dinner. Hope this helps --

    • Interested in anyone who has been to Smokey Bones
      and has seen the concept and business they bring
      though the door? I would not understand a RAIN
      acquisition at all and would not agree with that. (I have
      seen RAIN and was not that impressed by the concept at
      MGM in Vegas) I think it is better to grow the Bahama
      Breeze more rapidly and focus on OG and Red before
      getting too carried away. Everything I have witnessed
      with B.B. is that this is the catalyst for good growth
      in the next few years without losing focus of the
      two core entities.

      Long on DRI!!

    • to RAIN rumors also, I do wonder how much of a
      fit it would make here. Each DRI chain has clearly
      defined cuisine. When in Las Vegas earlier visited RAIN
      there, enjoyed the scenery and live birds, etc. but
      honestly thought food was so-so, nothing to crow about -
      most unlike when I visited the true gourmet pleasures
      of Mark Miller's Coyote Cafe and Emeril Lagasse's
      N.O. Fish House (at the MGM Grand). And all other I
      know who visited RAIN's weren't "gastronomically
      impressed" either. While DRI doesn't go for the top tier
      like Lagasse, RL, OG, and BB offer pretty good dinners
      - so if DRI really does buy RAIN they will have to
      whip the menu and food quality into focus and shape -
      take away the scenery and RAIN does not match DRI yet.
      But we'll wait and see. Good luck DRI owners.

    • Any substance to the RAIN buyout? There has to be a better fit than a fad eatery with overpriced food coupled with a souvenir shop. JMHO.

    • looks like someone who is just real company
      oriented. probably a real workaholic. any way, looks like
      lob has been shut up.back to biz...any word on smokey
      bones? i know they are looking for upper mgmt positions,
      is there n opening list anyone is aware of?

    • Date: Mon, 4 Oct 1999 16:46:38 -0700 (PDT)

      From: lob lover <>
      company etiquette

      Dear Sir;
      Please think
      about your actions using online mail
      rooms to
      discuss your career and employer. Do you
      realize that
      your name and picture are accessable?
      That you can
      be held accountable for what you say?
      And that
      you are compromising our compass which can be
      termable offense?
      Lastly, if you were to get driven
      into making comments
      abount our company that are
      confidential, you can be
      in violation of SEC regulations,
      subject to government

      I see you
      are young. As an old timer, don't use the
      to post your position. Don't keep
      advice". You have no idea what trouble you may get

      An avid compass


      Do You Yahoo!?
      Bid and sell for free at

      You can understand why I was a little hesitant about
      posting further messages here. I wrote him/her an email
      back asking him about his position but he/she did not
      respond. Im not sure why??

    • Hey stupid; dont you think I as an invester have
      the RIGHT to know if the managers at DRI dont like
      the policies that some fat ass in orlando puts in
      place!!! dont you think that this has a DIRECT IMPACT on
      the stock price? If you dont then you REALY ARE A
      STUPID BASTARD!! take your compass and shove


    • Can you imagine a Stuart Anderson's Chat Room? If
      you're into that sort of thing, give it a try. If so,
      you need a life!!! Otherwise, save your

      Had they offered me a buy one/get one free, I might
      have been interested. Hear that Stu?

    • I recently updated the Stuart Anderson's Club on
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