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  • dr_lucid dr_lucid Jan 2, 2013 9:17 AM Flag

    IR Blaster

    For those current investors who have no idea what this does, here is a refresher:

    IR Remote Blaster Overview

    The IR RemoteBlaster lets the Hauppauge WinTV application change the channel on a satellite or cable TV set top box by transmitting ‘channel change’ commands to the box via an Infra Red (IR) transmitter.
    The IR RemoteBlaster for WinTV consists of four components:
    1. The Hauppauge remote control, which sends infrared signals to the IR Receiver.
    2. IR RemoteBlaster cable, which is plugged into the WinTV card. This cable has an IR cable jack and two ends: a IR receiver and an IR transmitter. The IR transmitter has a thin wire and is at the end of the longer “leg” of the cable.
    3. IR32 application, a program which runs in the Windows device tray and interprets signals received by the IR receiver.
    4. IR Blaster Config program, for configuring the codes for the IR transmitter.
    Note: if you are NOT using a set top box, you do not need to use the IR transmitter. If you do not want to use the IR transmitter, curl it up and tie it using the tie wrap which came with the IR RemoteBlaster cable.
    Note: you can only use the Hauppauge remote control with IR RemoteBlaster.

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    • Note that the IR Blaster was a part of the original HDPVR. With Sage TV you could flip through the channels. Could be as simple as that as they are phasing out the original version. They would need more software inside to get this done right?

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      • OK I think I have this figured out.

        WinTV 7.2 with Extend was updated in late December:

        "Now supports watch and record from HD PVR and Colossus. Plus send your live HD PVR or Colossus video around the world with Extend! "

        Note how they could only say HDPVR as it had the connection for the IR Blaster. Now that the HDPVR2+ has the input for the IR Blaster, plus the StreamEez hardware for streaming (which the original HDPVR did not), like it says above you can stream your gameplay live to any phone, tablet or web based browser using extend.

        You can also watch TV and Record TV while using your HDPVR2+. So in effect your gameplay becomes like a channel. CBS, NBC, FOX, PS3....etc...etc

        I'm not an expert just trying to see where this is going. If they have figured out how to stream game play to phones that is pretty cool. Not sure where this is stored, but to me it seems the user can by-pass Twitch or Ustream using their distanTV.

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