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  • chrismoore2525 chrismoore2525 Feb 10, 2013 11:18 PM Flag

    El gato ripping Hauppauge again and again on amazon an example

    Hello, My name is Scott! I bought this device in Dec 2012. And ever since, I haven't stopped useing it. Lots of people told me to get the "Haupage HD PVR" because it had a smaller price tag, but i went with my instinct and bought the Elgato Game Capture HD. One of the best decisions i have made in a long time! The software Elgato developed is simply ground breaking and makes my life as a YouTuber 100 times easier. And they are constantly striding to bring us what we want, they actually listen to what their users want and they try there hardest to implement that into their software.

    For one, being able to do live recordings, and not have to worry about capturing voice in other software, then having to line it up. That was just annoying, but not the with Game Capture HD! It does it all in one software! EVEN LIVESTREAMING!!!


    Then it comes down to the device itself. It fits in my pocket, doesn't require to but plugged into the mains and is HDMI & COMPONENT. The build quality of the device is simply amazing and it looks the part in my gaming setup! It just sits comfortably under my monitor without needing to draw attention to itself!

    So yes, I would highly recommend the Elgato Game Capture HD. It is the best device out there for capturing game-plays and visuals hands down!

    If you ever want to check out the device quality just head over to my YouTube channel, all the videos on there are recorded with the Game Capture HD

    YouTube Channel - [...]Thanks For Reading!

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    • It's obvious to anyone that the post you are quoting is a paid advertisement posted by some shill that is being paid by the company. That's exactly the kind of posting that Amazon should moderate off its site, because it compromises the integrity of the entire Amazon rating system.

      No real end user makes such ridiculous remarks as "And they are constantly striding (sic) to bring us what we want, they actually listen to what their users want and they try there (sic) to implement that into their software." That reads like the company's marketing brochure, not like a feedback from a real person.

      To me this reads like a virtual illiterate (notice bad grammar and bad spelling) who makes $3/hour to post favorable remarks as a paid shill.

    • On top of which looking at both Europe and US Amazon, El gato is rating almost a 5 star device. Their software is a huge hit with their users and unlike Huappuge which charges 30$ for the MAC software El gato is free. El gato is shoving the knife down Hauppauges throat and Hauppauge cant hit back its software is not as good and they cant market advertsie on any level. Hauppauge had a first in position and El gato has been swarming them all over Youtube Amazon too bad.

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