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  • erickn122 erickn122 Mar 26, 2013 6:19 PM Flag

    The new Hauppauge HD PVR 2 software

    This will be very very cool.

    The new software will include
    *voice over* No need for extra $ mixers
    *direct streaming* goodbye Xsplit
    *instantly reactive with hardware stop and start instantaneously true no delay*
    *updated personal logo insertions*

    This is not the same company that was absolutely stale and running out of business. This is becoming a cool hip gaming /streaming company that will be worth much more than 6mm $ sans cash. If they put the same effort that they have into the company into its marketing. I will sit here and guarantee HAUP stock will be in double digits. This is a stock completely and utterly under the radar and when people figure it out--it will be much more expensive to purchase. The company may continue to suffer from its own self inflicted wounds stock wise for a bit but the day will come when this will rocket and not look back this time. This will move back to the Nasdaq GM within two years in double digits.

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    • This new software is worth more than the current market cap--my hope is that becomes apparent as soon as its out of preview and beta. Streameez will have the similar software--if this get splay--we could be in for a nice ride up.

    • They cant get this software out. It will be in beta like Streameez for the next two years.

    • They need to use more pr, any reason why they do not? Most of these small companies have 1/10the material news and have PR.

    • It won't take very long for the technology world and it's audience to figure this out.

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      • Haup has to figure out a plan to market everything. Its very confusing on Amazon what is who--they had one small announcement about the new GE and 1512 three months ago and the only mention of their new beta software is on facebook. They need their head sales guy to come up with a marketing plan to show the differences in models and their great new software. I said 6 months ago they need to start a push of consumers to Facebook and I still believe that way--this way you have direct feed to the consumer. Their Facebook is very very small for what should be now considered an internet streaming/gaming company.

    • Also--look at all of the new feedback they are getting--you dont have one unhappy face. Hauppauge in its history is known for not having the best customer service and their products were tough to handle and buggy. This is the best feedback--perhaps ever in the company's history. Its worth more than 1.06 but this is a time to be very very patient. Im going to discontinue posting for the most part and just sit back and let things evolve. This is going to require patience but if you are investing here--you will make a significant reward down the road.

    • How does it compare to El Gato's unit now?

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      • Right now El Gato has a huge footprint into this market. It's marketing has been dominant and it's product near flawless(look at the reviews on it) El Gato is the Apple of this space right now, Hauppauge while doing much better than previous years is just a second place competitor a long way down the road. That doesn't mean Hauppauge cant flip it, but is there any evidence that their company marketing program, even with an improved product can win back market share?

      • I have both. Frankly the El Gato WAS better for 3-4 reasons and anyone who invests a penny here should purchase both to know what they are getting into in the first place. Remember this management is NOT shareholder friendly to say the least--but the technology should be the driver and the CEO does control nearly 2mm shares and Im sure a much higher stock price has to be attractive to him(although one wonders) That being said---the new software capture is at a MINIMUM just as good as El Gato and IMHO better. Now this is not even beta--from what I can ascertain this will be loaded with features on final run. I can tell you this--if this was the HD PVR 2 8 months ago--Hauppauge would have sold ATLEAST double if not triple of what they had sold on first run PVR 2. This wouldve got better press and there is no doubt in my mind--that if they did 1.4mm in profit--with this software and tech--they wouldve done .30 a share in profit AT a minimum. At some point when worlds collide---my belief is probably 6 months from now in Q 4 Hauppauge is going to do a 4-5mm profit Q--this will be a big mover and they are already moving 1512 unlike the POS Broadway which should be discontinued. Now is up to Hauppauge to market this new bad boy-- they really dont need new sales people--they just need to market it right. Again this market is a baby . I think at peak Hauppauge can run 8-10mm a year in profit from the PVR 2 at full cycle NOT counting anything else. Not including the next Q I think they can do 1.5 4 .5 2 over the next year on PVR alone--that would give Haup a stock price in the 10-15$ range. I don't think this Q will be anything grand but they also have shown that HD PVR 2 is a low budget cost to make. They were kind of caught in between this Q but I still think it could be a +200-300K

    • Using it now--also has auto-correct which was not there. X split Arcsoft are done.

    • And I will say that I think they can expand this software to others applications. They will have the coolest device in the uploading streaming to youtube market that is growing exponentially-and its in its infancy. They are sitting on a gold mine.

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