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  • stockm1 stockm1 May 21, 1999 4:50 PM Flag

    to sakka2775

    Please no bullshit on this board. If you're
    worried about you investment or your short play you
    shouldn't have shorted. Now lets see the last quote was are
    you ready 27 3/16 100 shares.
    Avarage was between
    200 shares went out at 27 and a whole lot of shares
    was bought above the bids price from 27 7/16 to 28.
    So get your quotes together. GOODLUCK on monday
    you'll need it. Shorts beware monday will be hell day
    for you. Hey if you shorted and made money today good
    for you. If you didnot know when to stop and got
    greedy and held your position till monday I fell real
    bad for you. The mm's are going to fuck you hard.

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    • will FREEFALL like an incoming COMET from outer SPACE towards your A$$ comes MONDAY morning......................

      Good Luck 2 All


    • Business Week is doing a spot on it - this kind of anticipation is just what a stock needs to drive it higher...

    • I love the shorts who question the technology and
      say that the longs don't understand that what HAUP
      has anyone can do and that their technolgy is nothing
      special and that it will never sell. I doubt that these
      people understand technology further than they know that
      to turn the TV on it has to be plugged in. What HAUP
      is doing is very big. They will be a monster in the
      digital TV worls and the convergance of the TV and the
      internet. This is the future of the WEB and HAUP is taking
      us there. Just watch what happens in the next few
      months. HAUP will have deals with many big internet
      companies and the stock will just keep rising with each
      Believe me the technology is real and is the future of
      the WEB and TV. Today was the start of the HAUP
      Glad to be long and keeping it for a long long time.

    • May 21, 1999: (+123%) - Hauppauge Digital
      (Nasdaq: HAUP), a

      developer and manufacturer of
      analog and digital video, TV and
      data broadcast
      receiver products for personal computers, exploded

      higher by $15.3125 (123%) Friday to end at $27.8125
      receiving a positive writeup in
      BusinessWeek's latest Inside Wall
      Street column. According
      to the article, a New York money manager
      Hauppauge will soon announce a joint venture with a large

      Internet company that broadcasts streaming media
      programming on
      the Web. The money manager also said that
      Hauppauge is

      forming a marketing alliance with a
      major e-commerce company.
      This summer, according to
      BusinessWeek, Hauppauge will market a
      digital TV tuner
      called WinTV-D, which lets PC users receive
      TV at a small fraction of the price of a
      TV set.

    • One thing that works flawlessly for me is this.
      If most of the messages on the board are negative
      this is bullish and a positive for the next trading
      day and if most of them are positive I sell the next
      day. This works with 85% accuracy. My call is this
      stock will gap down 3-5 points at the open and then
      advance into higher territory. Just think the actual news
      hasn't even been released yet!!!!!!!!!

    • I will tell you since you jumped into a stock without knowing what products it sells.

      Good Luck

    • has earnings and it is expected to double this and next year.

    • big deal i already watch tv on my computer. This is nothing new. Can someone tell me what is the big deal with haup.


      Now seriously, take a look... then tell me how much
      higher it will go Monday. Everyone is talking about what
      WILL happen... what is IN THE WORKS... well let me
      tell you about a company in the works... It is
      wireless isp, and the ceo was the head of Dell in Canada
      and Europe. It's coming. And it's trading right where
      it belongs TODAY... at $1.88/share. WAVC wavrider
      communications. So... EVERONE has big plans... this has NOTHING
      to do with business... THIS IS A MOMENTUM PLAY.
      Look at this chart.... same

      THE END

    • I see you are already short. I am betting the
      other way. There will be many more buyers than sellers
      and the squeeze will be a thing of beauty. With only
      2.6 million shares in the float there just might be
      no shares for sale at all and when the shorties have
      to cover the stock will move in leaps and
      This stock only has a market cap of 100 million when
      it should be closer to 500 million. Soaring revs and
      earnings, hot technology, low float, lots of shorts
      Gee, it doesn't get any better than this.

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