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  • rfj1862 rfj1862 Dec 8, 2005 4:09 PM Flag

    Promise-keeping enterprise?

    If you've seen the corporate presentation, you know what I'm talking about.

    This is what's due Q4 2005:

    -Meet with FDA regarding Nimotuzumab / approval for Phase III in US with Nimotuzumab (?)
    � European approval of pivotal Phase III trial- children
    � Stomach cancer trial IND approval with Tesmilifene
    � Initiate NSCLC trial � patients unfit for chemotherapy
    � Initiate Taxotere/Tesmilifene trial metastatic breast cancer

    Haven't seen any of it yet.

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    • John, It is still Q4.

      BTW, look at SLIDE 14:
      YMI put in a slide about Merck and Takeda's partnership re Matuzumab and financials. Why?
      Has nothing to do with the overall YMI corp presentation.
      My take: they are sending the subliminal message that there will be a substantial partnership(s) for Nimotuzumab. And why not...

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      • >John, It is still Q4<

        I know, I know. If they do deliver on their promises, I will be pleased.

        I have to admit I am frustrated because this company is so great--why the hell are we still at ~$3.00? I see total POS companies with a single product in stage 2 that are worth 3 to 5 times YMI.

        Regarding slide 14: Have you had a chance to listen to the R&R Conference? Allan's commentary on the Merck/Takeda slide was not-too-subliminal. Let's hope there is something similar in the cards for YMI. Soon would be nice.

        Just needed to vent, anyway. Part of my problem is that I was growing used to big returns in a few months--it's been a very good two years for my biotech portfolio. Now I just need to relearn patience.

    • rfj1862 - I think it is important that you sort out those items that are under the control of YMI and those items that are under control of the EMEA, FDA etc.....

      If the paper work is in to the individual agency and the agency has not responded what is YMI to do?

      Correct me if I'am wroing and I may be, the only one on your list that does not fit into that catagory is the taxotere/tesmilifene trial where I beleive they already have the go ahead.


      P.S. I also responded to this on the ihub