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    • Thanks. I've also written Allan about Treasury. Don't know if I'll get a response.

    • 1. The stomach cancer trial may be a pivitol trial?
      Planning trial with gemcitabine in pancreatic cancer
      Planning to test with avastin/herceptin/abraxane
      The number of patients treated with tesmilifene exceeds and would include those treated with herceptin.

      Tesmilifene is still the driver here and with success in the breast cancer trial the value of these other indications will also come into play.

      2. I think the Takeda deal is a very good example of what Nimo is worth if we can get the US to let us in. I believe they will. Think what 60 million and a good partner would do to our bottom line.

      3. I see we are still pushing for nimo as the only egf'r for chronic usage. It's a great angle. If an egf'r drug is keeping your cancer in check who would want to live with a year long, or longer rash.

      I have asked Allen about time lines in the past such as the nemo US trial. His answer is usually a pretty solid you will know when the press release is issued.


    • the New Presentation seems to be titled just the same as last Q, being 4q '05 ?

      yes I see some slides are different though ?

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      • The most intriguing piece of information by far in the updated presentation is the reference to the possible decision on Nimo by the Treasury Dept. in Q1.

        The Treasury Department's involvement at all at this point implies that the issue is ripe. In other words, YM likely has requested Treasury to decide this issue because it has a partner ready to take a license to sell Nimo in the U.S.

        A positive ruling from Treasury would give a huge lift to the price of YMI stock (IMO) because the market currently is assuming no U.S sales of Nimo.

        This is by no means a slam dunk. There is, of course, the positive precedent in the Cancervax license, but, then again, the administration is balking at allowing Cuba to play baseball in the upcoming world games.


    • Could this presentation be in anticipation of another equity offering? That might explain the price movement.

    • Page 38
      Recent/Anticipated Newsflow/Milestones

      -EMEA decision on pivotal first line PIII - duration 15 m?
      -FDA decision on pivotal pediatric trial � combine European/US trial?
      -US Treasury decision?
      -R&D day - leading US authority

      -Data on pancreatic monotherapy?
      -ASCO H&N
      -Initiate adult glioma trial?

      -Colorectal immunohemotherapy initiation?
      -NSCLC - patients unfit for chemo - 60-patient
      PII (1 yr recruitment)pivotal?

      04/06 - Q01/07
      -Complete EMEA trial Q1/07?
      -Complete FDA trial Q1/07?

      -Sanofi Aventis collaboration -initiate PII taxotere @ US Oncology Inc
      -R&D day - mode of action?
      -Present data on potentiation of taxanes + dox-AACR
      -Initiate gastric cancer/FAC ? trial - Korea

      -Complete recruitment Taxotere (survival report end 07)
      -1st interim analysis -pivotal PIII trial
      -ASCO - clinical observations (?)
      ASCO - mode of action

      -second/subsequent interim analyses - pivotal PIII trial

      Q04/06 - Q01/07
      -PK data Taxotere Phase II/Sanofi

      -PIIb randomized - 120 patients complete recruitment
      - Final report PIIb
      Q04/06 - Q01/07
      -Initiate PIII trial

    • 1) I see that they list the nimo NSCLC trial as ongoing. Where the hell is the press release?

      2) I see that for the first time they project a US Treasury decision on nimo in Q106

      3) I see that they still have the matuzumab slide in there. Which is great, but what good does it do us that Takeda got a E60M upfront payment? Where is our big partnership?

      4) I also see that for the first time they have a CRC trial listed in Q306

      Just puzzled that with so many late-phase ongoing trials in so many indications, YMI has gotten killed.