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  • dmattingly62 dmattingly62 Apr 22, 2010 12:19 PM Flag

    understand this

    this is not a play on whether or not this drug works.

    we know it works as well and even better in some indications than blockbuster drug erbitux.

    erbitux has severe side affects which often require hospitalization.

    nimotuzumab causes nausea about 22% of the time.

    which drug would you like to take?

    32 phase 2/3 trials by a consortium of licensees all of whom have agreed to share all data. that's a lot of pr's coming our way.

    this is a smart management team.

    11 phase 2/3 trials by ym and it's direct licensees.

    nimotuzumab is already approved in 23 countries including india, malaysia, singapore, and recently, mexico. you can get special access in some parts of europe.

    do you think the current administration is not going to approve its use here?

    this is a play on getting the go ahead from ofac to market a proven drug. when that happens ymi is a 10 dollar stock. it will be up every day.

    overnight ymi will be in the crosshairs of major pharma.

    some people know this and want your stock.

    the people i know were buying hgsi, kerx, gnvc, aen, and rnn all under a buck.

    i am told that ymi is the one bio that will be in the league of hgsi and dndn.

    the playing field has now been leveled.

    have a great day!

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