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  • imshirazy imshirazy Jan 25, 2011 4:27 PM Flag

    can someone explain to me the recent action?

    Hey guys, I've been following YMI for a while but I'll admit I'm a novice. Can someone explain to me the recent dips? YMI seemed to have good trials (although I understand the statistical average wasn't sufficient due to sampling group for the most recent one), the analyst projected average for the year is $5 a share, their drugs appear to be successful (nimo and jak). So why is it that the price is dropping so much? I've had this stock for almost 2 years now, I need some of the money soon and I was hoping to know your guys opinions on upcoming price. It hit 2.10 before phase I came out, then they dropped it to 1.6 and it skyrocketed to 2.75 before it came to what it is now. So, why are so many of you bargaining on 1.6 again soon? Why wouldn't it be the average of 1.6 and 2.10. Hopefully someone can clarify this for me, and if/when you think it'll go up again.

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    • News came out Dec. 13 that YMI was selling more stocks ($40 million) at $1.60 a share. Since the stock price was well above that, a natural sell-off occured to about that level, as most holding the stock thought "hey, if YMI thinks it's stock is worth $1.60, it must be".

      Then something truly interesting happened ... the stock started moving up, and up, and up, day after day after day. Everyone thought this was the start of something big, and jumped on the band wagon.

      What very few noticed, is that the condition of those buying the stock on Dec. 13th at $1.60 a share, was that they had to hold the stock for 30 days before selling.

      Guess what happened EXACTLY 30 days after the stock sale?

      Yep, it plummeted as those who could now legally sell, did so. Hind-sight is always 20/20, and now everyone realizes these investors figured out how to make a sure profit. Spend a few hundred thousand dollars over 30 days buying, and buying, and buying in small amounts so when you can sell, the profit you make off dumping the shares you bought at $1.60 not only ofsets the hundreds of thousands of dollars you invested to drive the stock up, but it also leaves you with a nice, healthy profit.

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      • there is also way a stock moves up without retracement.

        2.02 is the next support level. but the big money decides..My feeling is that we have retraced and now should move up, but that is an opinion.

        with pharma stocks it is harder to time the highs and lows, as any news event could rocket or sink the stock..and one may be left off the boat

      • "What very few noticed, is that the condition of those buying the stock on Dec. 13th at $1.60 a share, was that they had to hold the stock for 30 days before selling."


        From what source can you corroborate this statement?


      • Look at the chart before the "manipulation period" starting Dec. 13 - pull up a 6 month chart.

        You'll see the stock drifted between 1.90 and 2.10 for a few months prior to the recent craziness. I think YMI has the potential to drift back into this boring kind of range, but if it does, probably for a short period of time before it starts to slowly move up again. There will be investors adding this to their mid-range portfolio, knowing this stock has more of a chance of going to 3.00 than 1.50, but it will take news (or another offering) to shake things up stronger.