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  • graysonbarnes Jan 5, 2012 1:22 PM Flag

    ISI Group analyst Mark Schoenebaum

    I think he is refering only to the "raised hopes" of CYT 387 being able to alleviate anemia related to sickle cell. I don't think he's refering to the overall hopes of YM Biosciences and CYT 387 being dashed.

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    • Their has been some chatter about the role of JAK2 in sickle cell disease as well as thalassemia. But that's about it. Their are no studies, other than mouse studies, that I know of. Obviously this would be beyond huge as these are among the most commonly inherited diseases in the world. They know that JAK2 is highly expressed in Cooley's anemia. This has no bearing on the stock at this time and I don't know why he'ld bring it up. Seems to me he's just throwing out wild predictions.

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      • Dmatt, I am with you on this stock.

        All the trading 'hints' for months now, point towards accumulation, and a clear expectation amongst certain members of the financial community, that a deal will occur soon with YMI....whether that be partnership or buyout.

        Trading last few days has been interesting - with initially very weak volume, and the usual games to try and ensure the price does not move materially upwards.

        I wonder how many folks here have decent level 2 systems - can't say mine is the best, but at least I can get a sense for the games that are being played.

        The run down to just north of a $ was a great buying opportunity, and for various reasons, I cocked up on the timing of my trade....but heck, it doesn't really matter, it will trade a lot higher soon.

        The discussions that YMI are having now will be of a 'deal closure' kind - by that I mean, any large pharma will have been knocking on the YMI door some time back, so the current discussions will not be 'round 1' in nature.

        Only question now....maybe there are two:
        1. Who is offering best terms?
        2. Whole company or just a partnering deal for the lead drug.

        Anyway, just thought I'd add to the debate.....

        Best to all longs,


        nb deal/partnership announcement by end February latest is my best guess.....perhaps a lot sooner than that.....