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  • trader_007 trader_007 Feb 29, 2012 11:52 AM Flag

    Check out CBIS!!

    I feel bad pumping it here, I really though the run would have lasted a bit longer for daytraders. Sorry guys.

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    • Trader,
      I've watched CBIS for about 2 years now. They release large PRs every quarter (you can see the random spikes in their 2 year chart), but for once they are REALLY releasing PRs like crazy. I've never trusted CBIS as a stock, but the company is *somewhat* legitimate. They, unfortunately, have no money and dilute VERY frequently. They are at 250m shares outstanding and still no income. Their CEO is a PART time CEO, and teaches full time. He's had to use his own funds before just to keep the business running. They've used tables and other items as assets on their 10-k if I recall correctly (not 100% on this one, but it was some type of random items). CBIS CAN make money in the future, but it is without a doubt a pump and dump in which people will eventually learn the reality. Momentum soars on that stock, the slightest, most useless news sends it up, but two days of no PRs, and it will go down. Lately it seems like they've been releasing PRs left and right (fairly useless ones) to get things going. In MY opinion, it is too risky to get into. I had the opportunity to buy at .009 but my order never filled, and instead i bought into YMI :(
      I was only going to put $500, but if I sold that today, it would have been almost $10,000 on ONLY 500!!!
      Believe me, I'm kicking myself over it, but that company is just the most unorganized thing I have ever seen.