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  • trader_007 trader_007 Mar 5, 2012 11:22 PM Flag


    Not to go off topic, but I like Obama, maybe as an outsider from Canada I see things differently. It's a little but like watching a show. Maybe he ain't the best, but I think there were no better alternatives, maybe there is now, regardless, they all seem the same. At least Obama seems to have some brains, not like the last bush. Geez, that was painfull/funny to watch sometimes. :)

    • Too bad that some people have to use their own opinion to blame either Bush or Obama I guess someone has to take the blame for idiots.

    • Bush wasn't the sharpest tool in the shed. It looks like Romney will represent the republicans. I like to see Romeny pick Condalisa Rice as his running mate and give Obama a run for his money!

    • Bush was not a good President.

      But to put things in perspective, BO is 100 times worse than Bush.Now that's bad.

    • No offense.. but please stay outside.. Obama is destroying this country...He is separating us big time..
      When will we be able to be held responsible for our own action...

      Why in the NAME OF GOD....MR BILL Maher.... Should I have to pay for someone's abortion because they got careless.???????
      Rape and abuse are a totally different story....This country is a give away .... No more motivation to work for what you want.... Europe ,,,, here we come.... I'm sure we will go bankrupt like you guys...
      Please invite Mr Obama to Canada and take away his passport ,,,if he has one...

      He surrounded him self with tax cheats, liars, and most of all Religious Fanatics... OH now I understand why he apologizes so much to other Religions... other than Catholics.


      on a litter side.... YMI will be my savior... and yours....