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  • pearcebill39 pearcebill39 Sep 21, 2012 7:49 AM Flag

    great report

    IT was nice to see Nimo making some movement forward. CYT997 shelved.

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    • CYT997 going away really doesn't matter so much to me because it was preclinical and vascular disrupting agents have a spotty past anyway. However, seeing Nimo advance was a really pleasant surprise. I really haven't assigned any value to Nimo in my own mind so this is really interesting. 386 sounds like it's on track and I don't think there is any confusing that they're in partnering discussions after that release. It's clear that they can go it alone, but partnering discussions are obviously ongoing.

      I do understand why they are waiting on the partner even though I've been in a rush to see a partnership. The fact is that it's the broader indications that really bring the huge upside. My guess is that the initial term sheets were all about myelo with very little consideration given to the broader indications. I do credit management with trying to get the best deal possible. I just hope to see a really good deal. I know some would rather go it alone, but I like the insurance and expanded scope that a partner provides.