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  • slumdawg2011 slumdawg2011 Nov 21, 2012 11:33 AM Flag

    Investor meeting II

    A new thread since I find the new MB format hard to follow.

    Nicki did mention that partnership talks started since around last year's ASH. As we were all speculating, YMI did not get an acceptable deal for their jewel, thus the fund raising. Like mgmt, I am confident about CYT387, but would like to see a partner to accelerate clinical devt in multiple indications, and perhaps several trial designs for MF to increase odds of success. I say, mgmt should settle with the best deal they could get and not be too arrogant and risky. If we could get a partner for at least 3 autoimmune disorders, that would be great. Nick said partnership could come in days or weeks. I guess, they have their conditions laid out on the table and waiting for the decision/s from the likely partner/s. Maybe when they're all done with their Thanksgiving turkey.

    Why is our pps going down today? Is it because G keeps emphasizing that YMI could go on it's own instead of saying that they're working and focusing on getting the best partnership deal? 25% of my slum money is invested in YMI. Paltry compared to Jblue. I am not sure if I should be adding more at this level although I am tempted to. Let's see Dean's 1.95 come ASH.

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    • I listened as well. I thought it came through that they're at a point where they will be choosing the path they will take. He mentioned "competitive" reasons for not being able to say much...that still smells of a deal to me. I think it will be a nice one if they do it.

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      • in the interest of transparency, here's another analyst note (this one from Jefferies) that is relevant. this one relates to Jakafi but it pertains to pancreatic cancer, where Incyte has an ongoing trial, which could be predictive of cyt387's efficacy in that setting:

        The next set of data will be the 138-patient phase II trial of Jakafi in combination with Xeloda vs. Xeloda alone for second-line metastatic
        pancreatic cancer expected in mid-2013. There are very low expectations for a positive outcome from this study, but INCY management
        remains optimistic that Jakafi's effects on cachexia may lead to a robust benefit. We note, however, that the duration of therapy in this
        setting could be short, as second -line pancreatic cancer patients have a life expectancy of only 2 months normally, and therefore revenue
        potential remains uncertain, but the company indicated that proof-of-concept in pancreatic cancer could lead to further development in much
        larger indications, such as non-small cell lung cancer where patients can also suffer from severe cachexia. Separately, we also anticipate
        completion of enrollment in the phase III RESPONSE study of Jakafi in polycythemia vera by year-end 2012 with data in late 2013-early

    • no he said weeks or months not days or weeks. there you go spinning again

    • Hi Slum, I agree with your assessment. I think price is being manipulated. Plus very little volume. Certainly seems like we've had a long quiet period which probably means something is brewing. I think by end of year we see something. Ph 3 has to start soon and I don't see YM with infrastructure to go alone. Also, interestingly YM has no had any postings in months regarding employment, again makes me think there is a quiet period and hiring freeze. JMHO.
      Best to all, enjoy the holidays.