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  • wizenightowl wizenightowl Dec 3, 2012 9:00 PM Flag

    LLY or BMY

    Maybe they wanted nimo out of the equation since they both have an EGFR inhibitor and didn't want the other party to worry that they would be acquiring a like compound. Maybe they said we have a deal but you must sell NIMO first so that our co-marketer is not offended. Remember LLY bought IMCL and BMY sold interest to LLY keeping marketing rights to Cextuximab! Makes since both need more of a presence in RA and Hem. Is 4.5 too low for buyout? Could it go to higher? I don't see partnership since the revenue stream just went out the window! Some cash coming in is better than no cash coming in! If you had a partner lined up why sell nimo? I got a feeling it is buyout all the way!

    Sentiment: Strong Buy