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  • bklynrickel bklynrickel Dec 20, 2010 5:11 PM Flag

    SVM pretty weak at the moment.

    Stock continues sluggish even with good news and an up market today. Looking boring right now. :(

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    • I'm not sure we're back in the saddle quite yet. Some wishful thinking on my part perhaps.

    • yep yep.

      i never buy puts.

      I only sell them to try and get the stock a bit cheaper. If I dont get it then fine I don't I just make a lot of money selling puts then if I do get them then I get them cheaper anyway.

      Ah anyway. Massive opportunity to get the svm stock around 12 dollars today and now it bounced back up. I already said to load up near 12 dollars as that has resistance written all over it.

      If below 12 dollar load up as much as you can without leverage.

      These major downturns are to push common margin speculators out and make them sell.

    • Nope. No puts on SVM. I'm just spoiled by watching the thing rise, and then being quiet for a few days. Looks like we're moving again now. Love to see this kind of action. Back in the saddle again. Yipee!

    • Where do you mass morons come from? We are in the biggest bull market in human history and you are buying puts in the second ining? Silver will break $100 and very possibly $400. You morons think silver is like some tech stock that should be shorted because of an advance. I have been involved in gold and silver since 1975 and I am seeing the same idiotic mentality all over again. This time however the run to the top will make 1980 look like a daytrade.

    • nice work!

    • well like I said pointless to short wait for opportunities to buy make it.

      Too late for them. They missed the boat again.

      Once mass media says to sell then buy when they say buy, sell.

      Yep. Common mass media is always wrong because they are playing against commoners.

      Well now that gold/silver went up despite china's rate increase what does that tell you about gold/silver/ inflation expectations eh?

      HEH. Well my 13 dollar sold puts will do well this month and I will take delivery most probably.

      My 12 dollar puts sold will expire worthless and I collect again. While I hold some shares as well. Waiting for a large pull back to sell more puts/buy shares.

    • sluggish? weak? you can't be on the right board..this is SVM. this stock is ripping it up!!

    • look at mr obama accusing china of market manipulation again.

      also price of silver is starting to go down a bit. Time to buy? Or do you trust that ron paul at monetary reform to succeed.

      Hmm. Well if he does dollar gets saved or at least introduce competing currency. If gold/silver gets used in system then might be good for this stock if not then inflation reduced means dead weight for a while.

      But that's about 1 year away. In the mean time selling puts on many dips and let gambling shorties pay for my shares a bit.

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