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  • lqqkok lqqkok Jan 13, 2011 11:53 AM Flag

    You should all know this Wall St. game. BUY all you can!

    Criminals on wall street who know are buying big. I would be my life on it.

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    • Like that 292,170 share block for $11.10 at the open today!?

      Or the 265,850 share block at the open 2 days ago @ $11.25!?

      The MM whores are holding this down to get everyone's pockets filled (all back from vacations now, need to make money).

    • Well when you are done buying all you can put a sell order for 100 dollars on it.

      If you have margin accounts they can borrow them after all. Meh this is making me regret getting margin account.

    • Yep yep last day for the low was last friday for silver. Now it is trading at 29 again and svm is still down?

      They cannot keep physical prices down so they seem to be shorting the industry producers instead it seems.

      Well svm, slw got hit the hardest while HL got off pretty well.

      Given all the good news from svm it should be higher than this. But what ever. Hedge funds try to defy reality.

      I am officially putting my stock up for sale for 100 dollars and see if they can borrow my shares on my margin account even though I dont use margin I can wait forever thanks. :P