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  • LongPicker LongPicker May 10, 2011 2:26 PM Flag

    Can someone help me understand?

    He who holds the Gold (and Silver) makes the rules. What is a short holding right now? Incredible risk.

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    • agreed :).

      Actually some have suggested silver and gold as div payments instead of fiat on hl board

      Hmm I like that idea.

      I rather take the silver.

      maybe 1 silver coin per 1k shares.

      The borrowed shares from the shorts should have to give silver as well.

      Meaning they borrow shares they pay up silver when the time comes. This will drive up price of silver as well instead of fiat.

      Thanks shorts.
      Maybe someone recommend this to the board? we can just say give us silver instead of div fiat maybe we can take a tax break on that div instead of paying cap gains since it was not sold.