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  • jng855 jng855 Sep 11, 2012 10:23 PM Flag

    Denver Gold Forum: Silvercorp Metals


    Be sure to checkout the silvercorps Denver gold forum updates. Yahoo does not let me link anything due to spammers abusing the privilege, so just google it.

    Interesting things in the presentation are the charts showing how Proven & Probable Reserves, Measured & Indicated Resources, and Inferred Resources have changed since the 43-101's for the better.

    There is also a updated production forecast, it all looks very positive on the production front to say the least!

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    • Sep 14, 2012 9:02 PM Flag


      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Sep 13, 2012 3:21 PM Flag

      Thanks Jing.... Cheers my friend!
      I just watched it. Great presentation.
      10 mil by 2013 !

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    • thanks for the info

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • so did no one read the pdf or presentation? no comments at all on the denver forum presentation....

      seems these shorts wont even comment on it. lord they are losers.

    • just read the updated info

      gc mines silver oz
      weighted average

      3* 30 = 90mil

      15.5*30* .5-.75 = 232.5-348.75million

      4.4 *30 * .25-.50 = 33-60million

      25.6 *30 * .10-.25 = 76.8-192

      31.5*30 * 0-.10 = 0-94.5

      total in silver content for gc mines:

      max of 784.75 million dollars at 30 dollar only silver
      min of 432.3 mil dollars at 30 dollars only silver

      average = 608.525 million dollars worth of silver at 30 bucks. WITHOUT by products with by products almost 1 billion dollars as I estimated last time.

      SO to Jon Carnes and her supporters about 50 million paid for this mine was a rip off then? seriously? are you serious? you get a 10 fold return and it is a rip off?.....
      my god.... they must be uneducated.

      • 1 Reply to ryugo82
      • just did the proven probable measured indicated and inferred for the total zinc lead as well

        that brings a min total of

        298.2 as a weighted min.measured at 1 dollar per oz and I know it is below that by give or take 10% not going to bother so just 1 dollar

        adding to the original min.

        grand total min = 730.5 million dollars worth of the gc mines today. deducting smelting and expenses of course less but still worth 10x the investment. as a MIN.

        if it was valued as a max it would be greater than 10x the investment gain already. and even average for that matter.

        gg did complete calculations already.

    • is yahoo blocking my postings or something it seems it went missing....

      anyway looked it up and such I wonder if JON CARNES will stage another article complaining about inferred after

      I educated him about weighted average or mean.

      come on man that is what you learn in basic algebra/statistics.
      it seems he failed his class....