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  • bottman20012001 bottman20012001 Jan 22, 2013 9:42 AM Flag

    who would want to invest in this SVM?

    Litigations, class-actions pending and a declining 6 mo chart is too dangerous for me. Even 4.63 isn't a given as could track lower than that with no net. SVM is a day trade only IMHO. There are much better stocks out there than this.

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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    • also people what is wrong with knowing the truth?

      TRUTH is the truth you cannot change it no matter how low the price you make it temporarily.
      face and admit the truth and it shall set you free.

      keep on lying then eventually your karma will catch up with you.
      good luck then.

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      • The TRUTH is, silver is rallying again, to the tune of about 1%, while absolutely GLOWING Silvercorp, with its thoroughly "FABULOUS fundamentals" hits its 77th fresh 52-wk low...the same routine it showed Friday.

        Are you completely sure that YOU'RE not sure and the truth is there are looming bombshells that YOU are, and none of the public is, yet aware of? LOL...DOWN 10% ALREADY THIS YEAR, IDIOT! SOMETIMES YA GOTTA BITE THE BULLET, SWALLOW YOUR PRIDE, AND ADMIT, HEY, MAYBE THE MARKET DOES KNOW MORE.

    • those that know the TRUTH.

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      • You mean, those who don't know what they don't know--the story looming under the surface still and you are not disclosing publicly, Mr. RUIgo--and are eager as can be to throw their investment money into a sieve.

        C'mon, RUIgo, pony up all your millions right here at ~$4.65 and take the company private instead of "reverse pump and dumping" those you are fleecing into oblivion.

        Your pride is just so, so commendable, knowing "the TRUTH" as you call it, and advising others to pile into the stock without regard as it's shed about 50% or so of its market cap since you sloughed off your corporate fiduciary duties and made internet spamming your major occupation.

      • The time to buy a stock is simple: buy when most do not want it. You are correct SVM may track lower but in my opinion, unlikely. Because, February, is a strong month for precious metals, Goldman Sachs yesterday mentioned that the debt ceiling debate is good for precious metals, Silvercorp will come out with earnings in February, that in my opinion will meet earnings expectations of eight cents, however this brings it closer the GC mine production starting up. So sure FDMA go down to 4.30? But where do you think it will be in 6 to 8 months from now? I believe it should start testing the $7-$8 range in September.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy