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  • small_time_buyer small_time_buyer Feb 1, 2013 1:00 PM Flag

    Light Volume

    Noboddy selling. Shorts may find it difficult to cover since no one seems interested in selling.

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    • well no real person is selling the way the shorts want.

      maybe at most selling calls that wont be triggered anyway.

    • Halt the stock, by request of SVM, then shorts cannot cover and their position becomes fail to deliver.

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      • oh jm what do you think of the idea of slowly buying back shares and listing in another country exchange that would not dilute the stock and expenses are minimal then.

        if svm does not have the money and cannot borrow it, and also does not want to dilute then that would be the best choice of action imo.

        sure HK has different regulations but since it is there the government there will have to deal with it as well and the mines are closer to HK as a result they/shorts cant exactly complain about the lack of lawful oversight then.

        then that is one more nail in the coffin for these foolish idiots that constantly spam.
        instead of thinking of a solution they want to profit only without solving the heart of any problems the world faces.

        yes if you solve a problem it is harder to profit,
        hence they would rather keep the problems there.

      • hmm interesting point. I suggest svm does it every 16 days so their fail to delivers will be recorded.

        just to play around with them.

        legally speaking the shorts must report their fail to delivers every 15 days.
        if they fail to locate any real shares to be borrowed from.

        they can just say you can only trade every 16 days as in the mean time they use the time to buy up stock themselves behind the scenes.

        but that might be called market manipulation... more obvious than what AL/Jon is doing so...

        anyway doesn't matter.

        reading AL/JON commenting on Seeking alpha is hilarious actually.
        he seriously still thinks he got things right here.

        while ignoring his own assessments now that lead to his employee's predicament.

        if he would just apologize his employee would be out by now but his own ego/pride/
        fake-ness is preventing him from being a man.

        the more he speaks the more REAL people realize what a scam/fraud he is.
        Yes he can sure pump and dump/short and distort stocks very well but that is all he knows so it seems.

        aka the used car salesmen/bankster type as I have said.

        I am getting tired of his childish arguments already he cannot be reasoned with it seems.

    • volume dropping off the cliff actually.

      oops to them. seems they bit off more than they can chew.

      if SVM takes some more of my advice they would slowly take svm off nyse and list it also in HK exchange as well.

      maybe we/more should suggest that eh?

      eventually if they wanted they can take it completely off the nyse then.
      slowly buyback and put it on HK instead.
      or just buyback and cancel.

    • you can view this in another way, nobody buying even the company is not buying. They think they can buy at lower price after earning report.

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      • well at least fasebyao agrees the AL/Jon Carnes goons are frauds.

        thanks fasebyao for agreeing then.
        but look at the shorts defending their masters oh boy.

        he still wants to argue his points are right how pathetic is he.
        but anyway whatever he does now makes him look more and more petty.

        he can ask his friends in the media to spam all they want it wont change the fact that all his data was and is wrong.

        at least fasebyao admits this guys though he bashes svm all day long he knows the truth at least. he just likes bashing so it seems.

      • If SVM does its buy back now the shorts will have enough stock to cover ! Me thinks they are making the shorts squerme like wuerme !

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Nobody! No buddy of mine.

      Sentiment: Sell

    • Don't worry about short. I am sure shorts are having hard time in counting the money. I wish I could be one of them.