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  • missinoutagain missinoutagain Feb 14, 2013 4:27 PM Flag

    I'm back

    Left here with a loss Months ago @ 6.32. Initiated new position today @ 4.10 , I'm a glutten for punishment.

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    • wow miss welcome back.

      my sold calls helped a bunch as well at least which made my cost basis sub 5 bucks now as they expire worthless.

      but certainly your move was better.

      I am in the process of moving all my stock into roth ira now :)

      I wish I bought more at 4.10 today though. but I am waiting for ach deposits to clear.

      what is unbelievable is svm hit and exceeded the estimates of 8 cents from yahoo and they STILL sell them off.

      they dont even understand the mined projections.
      do they realize what silver equivalent means?

      did they look at the revenue and calculate?
      like wow people are so stupid.

      260 million estimated revenue next year after smelting and taxes and they still complain

      smelting and taxes account for 30%-33% of the total revenue real revenue would be about 390 million if the estimates we made were true.

      yet they are complaining like idiots without doing the calculations I made for them.
      I told them there is a possible spill over of credits but they would not hear it... geez why are they so dense?

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      • Hey Yugo,

        Guess i got 'lucky' bailing at a loss.

        I think metals will rally come spring, if i can pick up a couple of bucks here I'm out.
        This thing has already been slaughtered, and is truley a hated stock - I'm in ( but with stop loss this time)

        yea, this is in my Roth, done trading in taxable account since doing my taxes is always a nightmare.

        Still a good miner, and price is right as long as silver holds up!


    • good move! I think you are in at the bottom. SVM gets zero respects -- no analysts even called their CC today. So you get a piece of one of the most profitable mining company's in the world, one that is buying shares, paying a divi, no debt and over $130 million in cash - and a paid for mine (GC) coming on line? Oh, by the way - SVM has produced profits and positive cash flow every quarter (except one) for about 4 years.