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  • asianvest asianvest Mar 2, 2013 5:09 PM Flag

    Silvercorp presenting at PDAC2013 convention on Monday @ 3pm

    Anyone in Toronto going to the PDAC convention this week?

    Looks like Jonathan Hackshaw will be representing Silvercorp in a presentation on Monday, March 4, at 3pm (room 803).

    Would be very interested to hear what gets discussed and if anyone has a chance to ask questions.

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    • SVM presentation starts in 10 minutes...

    • Don't count on the presentation. they could change the projection # anytime like they did before .I only read earning report for real numbers.

    • Whatever Jonathan Hackshaw has said so far at the PDAC booth doesn't seem to be working... can't wait to see what happens at 3pm.

      (Really, is nobody attending the convention who wants to post an update here?)

    • anyway I have a job now as i am being called bb now. I hope you give me your calculations by the end of the day at least but i am sure you already have them considering you said you already did your calculations right?

    • sorry asianvest I have looked at your posting history.

      you post on nothing besides mostly companies that have their assets in china.
      why is this the case I ask you as I am highly suspicious of you already. namely you named yourself asian vest after all.

      and as a result you mostly look at asian shares.
      thus I am calling you out right now. what ties do you have with the related parties. you are making my fraud radar go off the charts btw. and your personal attacks when I already posted about it is alarming.

      I post a lot so you must have missed my comments but that just shows how ignorant you are.
      hence I am in fact annoyed by you.

      but I will humor you as I suspect you are a lackey of Jon Carnes and his related parties of the banking cartels.
      hence I will refer you to as their employee.

      -and now I ask you about summer 2012 and Jon himself why he still thinks he is correct when we proved the case he is in fact wrong on almost all accounts? does he seriously think no one knows?

      -and also I have said the buyback did not occur yet did that sink in yet or do you still pretend I didnt say anything about it?

      -faking ignorance is highly annoying and discredits your case enourmously

    • Is nobody going to PDAC? Well, if someone is there and gets a chance to as Jonathan some questions, you might try to find out:

      1) Is there any intent for SVM to start buying shares under the announced NCIB repurchase plan that began Feb 1st?

      2) Will the Board censure Robert Gayton for purchasing shares the day before the NCIB was announced? What corporate governance steps, if any, will be taken to ensure in the future Directors do not personally trade shares in the hope of profiting on non-public information.

      3) Has the company submitted the application yet for a Small Mine Permit for the Silvertip project in BC Canada? Is there a cut-off date by which the permit is needed in order to initiate the project during the 2013 operating season?

      4) The Golder report (Nov 15, 2012) for the Silvertip project indicates a pre-production period (PP) of two years with 6 months operation per year (under the Small Mine Permit). The report estimates Capital Costs of $75,500,000 during this pre-production period. There has been no mention of Silvertip expenses in the Fiscal 2014 CAPEX Guidance -- is there any chance the project will begin during F2014?

      5) The Golder report suggests the economics of Silvertip are highly sensitive to metal prices -- and indicates the NPV would be negative if the group of metals declined by more than 12% from the assumptions used. Would the project currently be as economically viable using today's prices in Table 22-1?

      • 3 Replies to asianvest
      • but anyway for the cap exp on silvertip?
        who knows maybe they will add more cap exp later when they get the permit.
        but they just did do a 43-101 I doubt they need to do that much testing, until the permit gets approved.

        as long as you know who stops getting in their way at every turn for bs reasons one way or another.
        it should be fine.

        They probably dont know how long it will take as it is in the canadian government whim right now.
        With another global recession looming canda really wants to lose jobs? oh geez how stupid can a government be... wait dont answer we know very is hoping they can see the light.

        also reason why I call Jon a socialist or a communist is because he actually
        wants to stop people from working. basically his argument for tagish lake

        if you have read the news it was willing able men wanting to work but the authorities told them to
        stop working or face charges. the men continued to work and was fined for working...

        those laws were meant to protect people from themselves basically.... I disagree with those types of laws...
        seems Jon Carnes agrees with them.

        I am more of a libertarian + capitalism + democracy mind set while Carnes is more of a socialist + communist + dictator mind set that means.
        sorry but that is the case if he sides with the law of preventing people from working.

        he only toutes freedom for himself and not his rivals? I disagree with him as a result on on moral grounds of rights of men to work if they choose to.

        if they die it is their own choosing and the company will have to pay severance anyway. One takes responsibility for ones actions if there is risk that is freedom.

        robbing others the right to make mistakes when they choose to is just tyranny.
        but laws are the laws I suppose...

        morally no good though.

      • look here for the golder report you have cited:
        silver will need to fall an extreme amount that can bankrupt almost all the miners then.

        1. The AgEq ("silver-equivalent") formula is as follows:

        AgEq (g/t) = (Ag g/t (i) Ag recovery) + ((Au g/t (i) Au price per g (i) Au
        recovery) / Ag price per g) + ((Pb% (i) Pb price (i) Pb recovery (i)
        22.0462) / Ag price per g) + ((Zn% (i) Zn price (i) Zn recovery (i) 22.0462)
        / Ag price per g). Note that copper is not a contributor and gold only
        contributes when there is a gold recovery value.

        2. In calculating AgEq grades, metal prices used are Au: US$1,250/troy
        ounce; Ag: US$19.00/troy ounce; Pb and Zn: US$1.00/pound.
        3. Metal recoveries are based on 2011 metallurgical testwork conducted by
        SGS Laboratories. Results chosen for the Silvertip process were recovery
        of 84.9% of silver, 92.4% of lead and 81.7% of zinc. Silvercorp includes
        recovery of 50% for gold as a conservative estimate.
        4. Upper Zone resources are being reported above a $25.00 value cut-off. This cut-off reflects the current mining costs assuming an open pit
        mining scenario. These costs are considered to be reasonable when
        compared to similar operations in the area. Value was calculated, in the
        models, using the formula: $Value = AgEq x $0.61
        5. Rounding may result in minor discrepancies in totals.

        now if Canada will only let them work then the mines should be worth probably 1/c of gc mines?

        but for the cap exp you should probably look under exploration as it is basically exploration expenses you know that much right?

      • now i will answer some of your comments


        for 1. we dont know when they will do it you are after all complaining about situation #2.

        2-Robert Gayton-
        why should they punish him when the stock price is lower already. he actually lost money that means? it is not even profitable for him on all accounts.
        complain and file charges when he actually makes some money/profit. otherwise your complaints are idiotic in that situation.
        he didnt even sell yet after all. thus I see no insider problems with him buying.

        Especially if they didnt do the buyback yet.

        -since you have complained about Robert Gayton I wonder if Jon Carnes group has threatened svm to stop the buyback for a while since they had insider buys eh? at least for 1-2 months due to insider buys
        that could very well be highly possibable because of your accusations right there.

        still though if possible we would like a buyback only if it doesn't impact production expansion of course.

        - you threatening Robert Gayton because he bought shares is highly suspect as well especially since that shows some courage by the employees. the buyback doesn't exactly garuntee higher prices anyway except it lowers float. when the float is highly shorted with naked shorting it is wise to do real buybacks after all.

        4- of course we dont know I am sure Jon Carnes and his group is ensuring maximium road blocks for svm to climb over since he is a pro at sabatoging companies as they are in Canada right now.
        but anyway yes they have been filing for the permit it is not in production yet. this question you will need to ask the Canadian government when will they let productive people actually work.

        and also the safety regulation on tagish lake was pointless, the workers themselves wanted to work so let them work. the government feels the need to intrude with more regulations but never mind. has to comply with them.seems jon was trying to make a big deal out of this.

        by that it seems he leans to socialism more