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  • cgreens72 cgreens72 Mar 4, 2013 11:35 AM Flag

    Clive Maund says

    BULLISH with a bottom now...He can flip flop, but his latest seems to be with conviction.

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    • Would you happen to know if he is still holding firm to his "DJIA to 3,000" call he made in 2009 after the washout lows in 6,000s reversed and retook 10,000, essentially making him a _gufru_ amongst gloom and doomsday forecasters?

      LoL...Of course, last I read ol' Garlic_Clove_'Mon, his predictions were charting for Silver's plummeting toward $21 before snapping back like a rocket and blasting straight through what is now pretty heavy overhead from $30 to $35 that's been built. So, now you say the flip-flopper dude has altered that projection and is projecting that Silver prices will begin racing higher??? Whew boy!

    • break time:
      cgreens the problem people see is cost of sales increases throughout the industry then.

      as we have noted already throughout the industry the cost of sales mining and such have been increasing faster than gold and silver has been increasing.

      if not for the companies own growth and production increases then the cost of production+ sales would have eaten them alive already.

      silver itself has to go up just staying constant will have inflation sap their real growth.

      hence the miners have been growing so much slower than they should be if the inflation of silver/metals was the same as the inflation of cost of production.

      as you well know of HL only making 1-3 pennies last few quarters you know the inflation is insane already

      but as I have noted that every miner in the industry experienced enourmous inflation costs and the federal reserve itself has been shorting silver using their member banks to do it.

      it is plain as day.

      though they have no silver they can kill leverage of buyers in an instant make threats and offer fiat in the dark pools.

      they will play around forever until people take physical.
      hence they are afraid of destroying the silver price too much below 27-28 dollars.

      they know that it is almost the exact point of cost of production for the miners.
      if they go too much further they will destroy all the smaller miners and destroy the whole industry.

      they would as a result short the miners and maybe possibly buy them out or consolidate them under a company they control.

      which company will they use to control that will buy out all the companies I wonder.
      that is what I would do if i were as devious as them.

      afterwards then I will run up the prices as they control the means of production and form a cartel of silver miners from the previous decentralized form.

      after all now they control the resource they will benefit the most rather than the people.

    • Kinda tough to endorse falling knives, right? This is scary! Metal prices not suffering ANYWHERE CLOSE to what the gold bugs indexes are suffering.

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      • Ryu,
        Most, if not all of they control are banks and so it would have to be a bank making these buyouts as you suggest. I would venture to guess there would be companies buying out other companies for sure. Consolidating the sector makes it easier to attack, no doubt.

      • Hi cgreens, at this point in time I won't try to time the bottom. Of course catching a falling knife is never a good idea but SVM's fall seem to have surpassed that. I just purchased additional 4k shares this morning and plan to buy more shares today and every 10c down. I hope you are doing the same.

        The manipulation is clearly laughable at this point. Good luck to us!

        Sentiment: Strong Buy