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  • stockdude13 stockdude13 Mar 14, 2013 2:37 PM Flag

    Silver trending higher

    Spot 28.87

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    • SVM is yielding nearly 3%. Silver bullion doesn't yield anything.

      Sentiment: Hold

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      • actually i want the bullion without paying premiums of 10-20%.....

      • one of my teachers while in college for business class once said a stock is worth only the amount of future streams of dividends if they never return the money to shareholders all stock is worthless.

        meaning the company must either give dividends or return the capital invested. the buybacks are a return of capital in a sense or the dividends are a return of capital.

        the main problem with dividends are it is not tax deductible.

        I wish all these silver miners would give us silver or gold as a dividend instead I want the bullion actually.

      • oh stockdude svm itself?

        I in fact did bite a bit.

        but I as I said I will only put it into my roth at this point I refuse to put any stocks that pay decent dividends outside my roth.

        the tax man takes too much of it.

        if it was only 1% dividend I would have kept it outside though.

        so now I just sell calls buy more svm sell puts buy more svm after they put me. same old same old I aint changing my trading/investment style.

        only way they going to get any is if they call my stock and pay me premium else they can just go to hell.

        thus as I said to accumulate sell puts to sell sell calls don't need to play their everyday stock trading game. but you could let them decay themselves to death.

        now what shorts are doing is trying to cause volatility intentionally. that's all they are doing

        notice that all the hit pieces are all a load of bs that can be dis-proven or argued against so easily?
        only took a few seconds if you clicked on both of the images to see that there were extremely bad mistakes made by the author or analysts.

        i cannot believe people still even bother but anyway they again have planned it out if you didn't know.
        very obvious I might add.

    • yawn silver = base money ratio tells us silver is near the bottom limit still.

      say thanks to silver shorts and keep buying physical slowly.

      but try to keep silver premium low....

      if were a big time elite I would slowly take delivery of comex contracts or slv itself and drain them all dry getting them as close to spot myself.

      THEN mint them into coins myself.

      sell a few and hoard the rest adding more and more and more basically like selling calls on your silver hoard until you get more.

      I have also suggested to sell calls on slv if you play slv that is.

      or sell puts on slv when accumulating discounts are discounts tyvm.