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  • solidsandrock44 solidsandrock44 Apr 25, 2013 5:05 PM Flag

    Hey OMNI whas up wit my SVM

    What n the world is going on with management here, and wondering if we will ever get back over 6 before next fall. I rode this bag down and was hoping they would try to defend their actions but so far doesn't look like they know what to do. Anyway got a load of BRD that might help ease the pain with my SVM.

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    • That is a great question about asked here by many already and that's void of answers it seems, as they have been silent on the news front. So it's rather vague whether $6 can be an achievable target come Autumn time, w/o a renewed guidance from the company showing any readjustments they may anticipate. Several weeks still from next report. 100% to flatline though is always a difficult climb.

      Your other stoc, Brigus, which hhh mentioned for the board, seems to be having favorable sponsorship. Best of luck with it. I like it.Do you ever trade GSS doggie though? It's easier liquidity for quickly swinging 7-10% moves. As I was saying, in it below a bump and dump on the dime or so jumps.

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      • as we said stock market is poker there is no technical analysis there is no fundamental analysis there is only bluffing.

        except the other party has infinite money to bluff and forces everyone to go along and put up the money or die.

        hence they can control the outcome whenever they want.

        they dont even need to bluff they can put all the money to the infinity power and then win despite you know they have nothing.

        you cannot put up the money hence you fold.
        too bad.

        thats how naked shorts go btw.

        and thats how leveraged pumps go as well to pump trash stocks to infinity.

      • depends on the shorts if they would leave svm alone for 1 month without them intentionally and obviously colluding with hedgefunds maybe svm can go back but as it stands? depends how much unlimited funds they have to crash it forever or not.

        same with silver event.

        do the banksters have enough funds to crash silver forever and never deliver?

        physical side there is a shortage already developing thanks to their naked shorting.

        so how deep their pockets will go is anyone's guess.

        besides paper can be naked shorted to infinity and since these hedgefunds are related parties to the evil ones they dont need to report their real positions.

        hence you have to guess what their real hands are.