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  • clay.autery clay.autery Apr 26, 2013 4:04 PM Flag

    Only 170 shares...

    Decided and put my order in this morning for 25k shares at $2.83... Only got a lousy 170 shares delivered.

    Oh well, there's always Monday. ;)

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    • well clay shall we watch on may 1 what happens?

      there is practically no more cheap silver available to buy btw.

      I dont know how they are going to buy with all that expensive silver.

      it makes me want to scream at them.

      any of the silver shorts know of a good cheap dealer that is going to deliver for lower premiums come on and tell us already.

    • Btw, wild, huh, isn't it how that tiny $2 micro I've mildly talked about and went zipping by SVM the other day at ~$2.55, has gone tacking on another buck from that? Now THAT'S a shareholder friendly management team in place on a seriously dedicated mission!"

    • You're a funny guy. 20K and + blocks were screaming buys at $6 and $5 like a mad man now way down here it's "No, no, sell it to me even Cheaper! Even though people could only buy it THIS cheap on just EIGHT other days lately!!! And for that matter, for the last 3.75 years, too. But not even down nearly 6% today and Well back below yesterday's $3+'s is good enough for me now, my fellow longs, and I'm a die hard Bull on SVM as you all know!"

      Oh well, there's always Monday into next week at $2.80 and $2.75 for 30K shares apiece! (-;

    • Really? A thumbs down for this post? Anyway....

      Just checked the after-market... part of the reason my order didn't fill was because someone had "fat-finger syndrome" when they entered a "last second" order at the close...

      Someone bought 25,612 shares at $2.94... ouch... pretty sure they meant to enter $2.84.... $2,561.20 mistake... ouch. ;)