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  • investor2210 investor2210 Apr 26, 2013 10:28 PM Flag

    Guys there is no money to be make off this

    stock unless you short it...

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    • that is correct there is no money to be made until the comex defaults completely.

      PS comex just refused delivery of physical to their customers.
      can we scream default already?

      well rumors has it anyway.

      more should demand physical and only physical and then sue them then take them out completely.

      though their contracts state no physical? pay up with only paper.

      but hello? what exchange defaults on delivery like that then? fake exchanges. thus comex = fake then if they make a big deal out of it.


      so anyway we need some more people to spread the word comex defaulted. if even more news comes out oh boy.

      oh ps jon the fraud carnes can stuff it with his collusion with the banksters him being hired for the hit job was extremely obvious his fact vs opinion is completely obvious.

      everyone should spit at his reputation he keeps citing when he loses an argument or debate.
      yes I still spit at his lame attempts and future attempts at manipulation.

      gg. ps asianvest get a life at least do something like oopsie and look at other things.

      as for investor? BAC? hmm? that went bad you should have known tptb wont let you have your way.