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    FBI will be there at Berkshire Hathaway's (BRK.A) annual shareholder meeting, held in Omaha, Nebraska; May 4. My team will be there looking for Fugitive Jon Carnes and his illegal short sellers.

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    • I see the name 'Jon Carnes' on this forum a lot, who exactly is he to SVM though?

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      • anyway I suggest people to take delivery of silver mini contracts from the comex and

        then turn them into silver rounds themselves instead of paying for this outrage.
        hire a smelter after taking 1000 oz from comex physical if they deliver or you drive to warehouse to take it from them basically.

        that would be better at this point.
        smelters are making pay dirt right now with all the premiums they are charging.

      • it doesn't matter if he is telling the truth then.

        now moral people do care but many of his supporters don't really care about whats right it is a matter of money to them is it easy or not?

        But I think I destroyed Jon Carnes credibility in the blogging community quite a bit with svm right now.
        he should use another pen name to go about his business else I can tell and bash him if he gets more annoying.

        but he did achieve his mission to bash svm until his related parties in silver and gold would do the work for him.

        he knows he didn't really need to do anything but he wanted to make svm a much easier target.

        everyone and their grandma in the silver hedge fund community knows what their master vampire squids are doing and want them to do hence the 2-3 year bubble in shorting silver and silver stocks.

        yes I am calling the silver shorting a bubble.
        the start of the silver shortage will now start in 2013.

        same as nat gas where they dumped it all the way down to 2 bucks from 10 2008-2009.
        now nat gas is 4 bucks?

        price of silver will bankrupt many miners if it remains this low.
        only a few selected mines will survive.

        This is why I am telling people to ask the companies/mines to give out silver bullion instead of dividend.
        we are buying silver bullion anyway they may as well give the silver to us.

        we can pay for the shipping if they don't want to. premiums are way too high right now. even generics.

        1.5 dollars premium and up? give us a break it was 99 cents and 50 cents before when silver was at this price.

        what inflation of 50% and then 100% and then 200% in premiums but price of silver itself goes down? #$%$.
        that is stupid. generics use to be 3% premium and eagles were

        1.5 dollar premium because of the mint 2-3 years ago and now the premiums are 2x.

        THESE EAGLES ARE SUPPOSE TO BE generic minting from the mints why is it 3 dollar + premium.
        that is 15% premium even if you buy 500 oz.

      • well there is lots of information to dump out there that could take days to read actually.

        google metalaugmentor and svm for summer 2011 start with that.

        on yahoo go a search on zagg forums and look up joseph ramelli
        you will get some info.

        seeking alpha lookup worthlesspennies and alfred little.
        the ones pertaining to svm.

        especially the summer 2012 ones where alfred little Jon Carnes exposes himself to humiliation again to try and slander svm, he succeeds in naked shorting with his hedge fund related parties but fails in his argument.

        hedge funds don't care though any hit piece is a hit piece and will short it regardless of it being good data or not.

        you can also look up his old pieces on other china companies but those are less relevant as we can see they are frauds already.

        Deer = sec old official as accountant = bad bad bad
        scei = had another official that was working at a fraud company? = seriously bad.

        as a result I told svm to avoid them afterwards when they said they will ask other companies if they want to press charges together. I emailed them to tell them don't do it anymore. break your ties it will only drag you down with them.

        Namely because unlike them svm was clean and had no relations to ben wey and other people that want to use their name to make themselves more credible.

        Ben Wey = china shorts target as well.
        namely because he openly says you should bribe officials in china to get things done = advocate of corruption openly. You really dont say that out in public now do you? basically the culture of corruption is open then. which is why I said to not trust him too much.

        he will likely tell 1/2 truth 1/2 lies as well same as Jon Carnes but most banksters are alike, corrupt.
        some just hide it some just are open about it.

        BTW Alfred and his related parties can easily already be charged with INSIDER TRADING. that is a fact. the plain fact as well is sec is doing nothing because no one cares since he is helping to destroy enemies of USA

      • Jon and his related organizations/hedge funds collusion can be identified as well as using certain social media services more heavily than others.

        they always use and say nearly the same thing mannerisms can be identified by how they type and speak. you dont exactly need to have the person's name. the way someone types/writes speaks are hard to change after all.

        unless you develop different personalities that is.

        besides JON doesn't even use basic math and statistics he was suppose to learn in highschool and college.

        ahem weighted averages = fail.
        reading tables = fail
        testing = fail

        5 types of ore grade weighted basically. and he failed to realize mining grade over time naturally degrades why do they think silver has to go up and not down?
        so many silver articles pointed this out already.


        I seriously doubt Jon hates all chinese it is just his selling point to the USA americans because many of us ARE RACIST to them right now blaming them for job losses etc. hence he uses that hatred for his benefit.
        How can he actually hate the chinese he married one and many of his employees are chinese. that would be demeaning to them no?

        If he does hate them that much then that means he hates his wife or is treating her/them like a slaves or something along those lines. maybe she married him for money then who knows.

        He probably believes he's merely using the Racists to serve his own agenda and if they get hurt so be it.
        9/10 success rate after all right? except he hit the 10% fail rate now.
        The racism is quite widespread after all even zerohedge was worshiping these guys for a while because they hated china at all costs. Read their comments.

        Sorry but I disagree with them and go evaluate individuals not countries or groups.

        Now not all banksters are bad just 90% of them but their whole existence is a leech and cancer on society.
        we really do not need them that much. 10% of them can exist 90% of the banksters don't need to be here.

      • here is more data,

        go back to summer 2012 and look up alfred little seeking alpha articles.

        namely ignore the main articles and read the comments then go look for the answers in the articles.
        I made comments disproving him and got banned for it 2x already on seeking alpha

        Andy hoffman of globe and mail was also used to slander SVM. but HELLO? he disabled comments and left out key information. being bias and not let us comment even?

        seems very much paid for unless he really didnt read and do research and thus it was Jon Carnes instigation again even if he didnt bribe him.

        now I will give jon some credit that he indeed got quite a few china frauds I also said were frauds.
        BUT hello? constantly saying to trust him because of his reputation makes him even less trustworthy

        Namely because most people that are trustworthy don't ask you to trust them. They make you trust them by their actions not with words.

        And by Jon Carnes actions on svm it makes him very untrustworthy. his comments and mannerisms also expose him.

        actually I suspect it may be even goldman sachs and other bankster related parties that hired him.
        anthion management was part of them after all they have an employee from goldman after all.

        dont forget warren buffet is now part of the vampire squid squadron he has been corrupted even if he has done good in the past.

        the USA government + federal reserve has likely asked warren to shore up the vampire squids to give them some credibility. and we all know Jon said he worships Warren so to speak but that is likely to give himself some credibility again as a template for luring in clients.

        He namely wants more power and wants to join the vampire squid club. IMO.
        so he is gathering people to manipulate as they are useful sheep to him in his stead.

        ever since SVM though Jon hasn't been doing any other work besides bashing them on his china front unless he is just piggy backing off other china shorts now.

      • he was the one that was hired by other banks to trash svm 2 years ago.

        svm would have declined anyway because of the silver crash but he somehow just had to add his own input regardless.

        namely because he wanted to make a name for himself shorting businesses that have any operations in china for that matter.

        He has 3 divisions one usa china and canada. his employee Kun Huang was stealing ore from svm
        and then got himself arrested when exposed. they want to charge him with fraud but dont have enough hard info to do it but they do have enough hard data to prove they stole ore though hence my argument to charge him with stealing instead.

        Namely Jon has been complaining about this only now after the fact that he failed in all his arguments.

        Whenever svm would recover from the depths of hell Jon would come to kick them back down until he is satisfied.

        ZAGG is also something to look at the one that makes apple products in china manufacturing that is based in the usa. he has been bashing that one for 2-3 years at least. his website worthlesspennies is for his employee joseph ramelli. namely he was sued by ZAGG in MAY 2012 but courts let him go. THEN Joseph said the SEC will be investigating ZAGG now. so they were harassing them as well now.

        his china division for long side got killed until 2011 when he started his operations in piggy backing other china shorts and colluding with them with propaganda. Now many were hit of course.
        there were many back then. Namely he said in his comments he doesn't care 9/10 times he can shoot and get it right.

        so he will. he forgot that 10% of the time he may still fail and he was nearing his 10th mark.

        despite getting everything wrong and having to fabricate and leaving out key information which was later proven wrong constantly people/hedgefunds and sheep still use him as a talking point in their circle as an excuse to short svm.

        namely I suspect ASIANVEST is part of that group because he worships these groups.
        notice name

    • well he did say he was worshipping the the carpet warren buffet walks on so of course he would be there.

      except warren buffet went into the dark side by investing in goldman sachs and bac the vampire squids.

      so yes I would say jon carnes proved once again he has been bought by the hedge fund community that has conspired with the federal reserve to short gold and silver regardless.

      collussion you bet.

      when people rebel from the system one of the people to arrest would be his group sure as heck the government cannot be relied on to arrest them as they were also bought.

      well douche bags will stick with douche bags.

      warren can donate as much money as he wants but it doesn't change the fact that he is now investing in vampire squids stealing wealth from the rest of the world.
      they are likely catholics that think they can buy their way into heaven if they are religious that is.

      they know very well warren was put on stage to give those companies credit where they didn't deserve it.
      they all deserved to go bankrupt.

      everyone knows this.
      what did Jon owe them a favor or something? in svm case we know for a fact they were hired after all.
      anthion management also had some ties to the goldman squid. ahem. need we say more?

      he wanted to get into the vampire squid club and was doing their bidding after using other people's work to shore up his own resume to make himself more influential in the hf community so he thinks.

      that trash. he cannot even read an account statement correctly or use weighted averages? wait maybe he intentionally did that eh?

      or thought we are so dumb we wouldn't know how to use weighted averaged? hmm I wonder if he is college educated or even high school educated.

      maybe he paid others to do his homework and bribed the teachers to pass him.

      but anyway I would say the college he went to is #$%$. don't go there ever.