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  • ryugo82 ryugo82 May 16, 2013 9:46 PM Flag


    make the silver bullion and give it to us SHAREHOLDERS AND EXPENSE IT AS AN EXPENSE.

    WE dont need to have the fiat per say.

    Shareholders of miners demand it already make a plan of action to distribute silver as dividend/gift instead of fiat.

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    • Personally I would rather see management focus on getting this PPS back where it should be. They can keep the dividends!!


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      • dividends push the price of stocks down naturally.

        first thing first.
        learn what stocks and bonds are.

        stocks are supposedly perpetuity
        and bonds are usually treated as annuities.

        in most stocks cases like miners they are treated like annuities as well i would say. and reason is that they have a mine life depending on if they can source more mines to mine like oil wells.

        if they can do that then they can turn themselves into the perpetuity camp.
        depending on the management of course

        I do hope people know the differences at least.

        and anyway If you remember correctly in class.

        stocks are only worth the future earnings that are given out not the stock price.

        if the stock never gives out a dividend it is worthless. buybacks are a form of dividend.
        as it increases risk of equity due to consolidation of the shares. so in bad times it will be worse and in good times it will be better.

        dividends are a form of payout BUT one thing it is taxable to us.
        silver is not taxable when given the way we and I suggest.

        mainly because we are treating it as a gift or barter.

        and it is optional as well considering people are complaining through their noses about no cash for them.

        fine then don't take it but those of us that want it will.
        denying us at least that freedom is communist. the very thing these people say they are fighting against.

        what free market is that then eh? I already gave them a choice while they don't want to give me a choice?
        I just choose to say no to taxes.

    • so anyway people not only does giving silver as dividend let companies deduct them from taxes.

      they can also ignore the currency exchanges.
      people do realize to convert them means they need to pay conversion fees right?

      hence this silver as dividend is the smart way to do it.

      anymore arguments against this proposal?

    • non-corporate/non-bulk shipping rate in canada is around 1.10 and to the us its 1.34 for 30 to 50 grams weight. they would benefit to do less than one-ounce weight but make it commemorative and registered for added value and be of a limited number minted. so sending a 1/2 ounce decorative/commemorative and limited minted piece would cost 0.63 cents in canada and a1.10 to send to us before corporate discount for bulk shipping. and in truth, they could inventory them for 2yrs so a shareholder who opts in can convert the alternative dividend to obtain a 1oz artifact the following year (saves on shipping twice), that is if they held a specific volume of shares for a specified timeline. they just need to limit one unit per eligible shareholder and they would incur a portion of their incoming dividend in silver though it would not represent it all. but it could represent a fraction of it and it would likely be worth more in the future than its counterpart,a little fiat money, as if the cash dividend was put into a silver piggy bank, the piggy bank would be worth more and more each year forward while the money inside became worth-less and less each day.

      well anyway, it is something they should seriously consider as it would put an end to the manipulation that we all must endure because the most ignorant amongst the many have one thing in mind and on their mind which is getting more and more and more for themselves at any cost and insuring others get less and less.
      yet soon their charade ends and all the useless abettors, the minions/hire-UMs, who're slaving for fiat money will have nothing but shame and suffering to look forward to, here is their future, those who are around the minions in life, dream and pray for the minions death so they can inherit the worthless minions worthless #$%$.

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    • ets say SVM and others consider offering shareholders a small commemorative silver artifact if and when the meet the eligibility., even a miniscule item (sixteenth of an ounce) and seeing to it it is registered and numbered, meaning it can not be counterfeited. now, if the criminals had to cover that, it would be impossible for them to do so and as you know, i am saying loudly, "they are selling counterfeit shares" into the market which they inventory and they pay the fiat money dividend out to fake share holders. but if they had to pay a silver item as well, and make it to be exactly the same as the item the silver miners manufactured for their shareholders in good standing, the whole counterfeit share inventorying scam would fall apart in a heartbeat.

      now SVM and other miners only need to announce they are looking into it seriously and watch all hell break lose as the criminals could not cover a uniquely manufactured/registered silver artifact, seems they can cover fiat money payments but not actual items that have real value, they money is worthless, the silver is as good as gold, possibly better

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    • That is so stupid. It would be far more expensive & very effort consuming to mail out silver to everyone that is a shareholder of record. Additionally, the dividend is a couple pennies per quarter!!!! Have you figured out how much silver that would be???!!!?? It would be a speck of dust to send out each qtr. Go get your head out of your #$%$!!!!