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  • unbisam unbisam May 24, 2013 12:53 PM Flag

    Just move here in BC,CA


    Will assist RCMP and BCSC investigation.

    This topic is deleted.
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    • My advice especially after having the email conversation with the Globe and Mail to you is that these guys are slimier than you would think unbisam..... They probably have mob connections as the mafia is a full scale stock market manipulation service now.

      I fully believe the mafia is involved with manipulating SVM and they will use their cronies in the financial world like Jon Carnes.

      No one is willing to readily admit it or come out from the crime racket in which Jon Carnes is more than likely just a rook, but this all points to something much deeper and bigger than what most people would have thought.

    • well good luck unbisam.

      if you can uncover which groups and hedgefunds bankster vampire squids he is really working for it would be great.

      we all know that he has related parties playing around and those related parties are likely above him in the financial food chain.

      we also know sec is useless as we all know. only taking bribes to ignore or go after certain groups.
      ahem IRS anyone?

      CFTC anyone?

      totally worthless as expected. and leaking info intentionally or was it bribed and then put into action? hmm very suspicious.

      the warren buffet worshiper? well even after warren betrayed any sense of real free markets since he started helping to bail out the vampire squids?

      the whole market reeks of utter corruption and cronyism
      which we all know already from the get go.

      and in jobs? everyone now realizes this.
      you dont get anywhere with skill,
      you have to network and shoe shine your way up the ladder to get anywhere.

      noticed? that that is what trainers for job hunters and seekers now say?

      they dont even care or want to hide it anymore.
      how shameless can this society be... it is the truth though they are merely stating how corrupt the system has become.

      and this is why many smart people go into the woods and become hermits for the rest of their lives ignoring the rest of society as they are disgusted with humanity.

    • I live here and I know where Carnes resident address and his children school are. I will email you the addresses.