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  • bigg_redd_rockett bigg_redd_rockett Oct 4, 2013 9:22 PM Flag

    Got suckered into this stock by Stansberry Research. They have a guy named Matt

    writing a newsletter. Has cost me a lot of money. I am done with him.

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    • Dude... Matt Badiali is one of the best resource traders around... between the Resource Report and the Short Report, I am cleaning up.

      IF you are down big on SVM it is because YOU didn't follow Matt's specific instructions to take a "smaller than normal" position in SVM if you are new. It was clearly outlined in the September report AND noted on the portfolio listing in October.

      AND he told everyone right up front that he was setting a 30% hard stop rather than the normal 25% trailing stop that S&A normally recommends... BECAUSE as he CLEARLY said, SVM and ALL miners are VERY volatile.

      You haven't lost anything unless you sold... SVM will be the last miner standing if the prices stay depressed, and they will make the best net profit % if prices go up to $35 and then $40+ where they belong.

      You HAVE to read the reports... NOT just buy what's in the "BUY" section...

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      • Yes, that's right SVM is going to gain big in a higher silver market..... I know higher silver is coming, its just this monetary policy that distorts the truth of things that has me in a tizzy.

        I'm under the opinion that either they will go full blown monetary debasement under Yellen where they inject money directly into the economy which would cause inflation to go insane or they will pull the spigot in 1 or 2 years.

        I'm sorry to say to everyone that owns silver and SVM, we didn't get the oil cycle this time because of the peace in the ME, but it is still a potential wild card.

        If we don't get a flare up in the ME, then silver will likely not go much higher in the next 12-24 months.

        From statistics we know t* critical value is an unknown, but when we hit that point in the debt level. In my opinion which is around 20-25$ Trillion in total debt obligations, then uncertainty will increase as to what the dollar's value is. I don't think we have a catastrophic drop in value, but the dollar will weaken against other currencies and gold will start to make its headway.

        This is likely not for 1 or 2 more years, but reiterating we do have unknown black swans like in the ME and even unknown unknowns in China like WMPs, corporate debt to GDP, infrastructure overinvestment.

        China is going to build the world's tallest building, and there is a pretty precocious index that has predicted pretty much every major calamity called the skyscraper index. This building will be completed in 2014 supposedly.

        When China has its depression, its going to send mobs of people to scramble and buy gold in the Orient. Asianvest, you are probably a chinese american, so if were you, I would tell your family to get their money out of real estate.

        You don't want to end up like Eike Batista, the oil tycoon. He had $30 Billion at the end of 2012.... he has less than $200 million now. 8th richest in the world, to a mere pittance of what he had. Guy is likely going to go broke from lawsuits.

      • Clay, The 220 K were gains Long term made in Mutual Funds.....not that that would have much relevance to it.

      • Clay, I'm thinking about selling about 50K shares of SVM and 35k of GPL so as to offset some gains I had in some mutual funds. I think this general market might be nearing a top. Need to offset about 220K. Also have 25K Shares in AGQ which I could sell as to use 50 K in losses. I can't get back in any of those for 30 days after I sell. What miners in your opinion are best if the market would start to move in the mean time (the 30 days out)? thanks

      • "You haven't lost anything unless you sold..."

        ...Well, I guess we know who *you* are working for!

        (And explain how you would make money by following the instructions to have a "30% hard stop" -- and then getting stopped out at a 30% loss.)

    • anyway bigg red

      I think the FED itself is trying to see how much money they can print by slowly increasing the QE money to their banksters only club before people will revolt/destroy the economy.

      you see inflation is only solved by more production reducing the inflation rate.
      normal inflation normally deflates not goes up.

      deflation = normal
      inflation = fake and artificial meaning the economy is unproductive

      more production naturally means deflation after all.
      laws of supply and demand.

      idiots in finance are talking as a result they are lying and scamming again like mr Jon Carnes and our president and benny and buffet even- I dont like buffet at all now as he has colluded to make his recent winnings a fraud legacy so to speak well as long as they get richer eh?

      but there has been no efficiency gains. at least not enough to off set their stupid 700 trillion derivative bomb.

      hence they are finding any ways possible to inflate.

      yes how much inflation do you think they need for 700 trillion eh?

      20 trillion already 0% loaned out in 2009-2010.

      lets just say they need 35x the 20 trillion 0% loans to deal with it short term and they will not be ever paying it back

      that is 35000% (instant) inflation needed to temporarily solve their problem.
      ps that is not the exact inflation needed as inflation compounds it is actually less if you split it up into 1 year intervals but from the origin 35x is correct.

    • anyway end summary lets hope the markets crash more.
      we all know they made it happen intentionally.

      yawn end game.
      we all know where this is going.
      the government shut down? lets hope it shuts down for the whole month


      crash the markets please phew.
      I have some side money set aside waiting for the crash especially if it is silver.
      but then again silver didn't drop much if at all because they know if they short physical anymore that it will spur complete exposing them of the truth.

      that the ones shorting the contracts have no silver at all not even 0.00001% now.
      and if they cover they will be less than bankrupt it will destroy trillions of dollars from the banksters.
      all of them will be destroyed.

      so now what? hmm? yawn.
      typical wall street.

      PS lets hope fed funds rates go back to normal levels.
      come on you idiot bernanke give us normal rates.
      stealing wealth forever to give to your friends.

      waiting waiting waiting
      hurry up and crash market.

      but we all know they will come in at the last min with insider info to buy up the market again so typical and same old same old.

      they are looking for an excuse for QE4^ infinity^3
      yes infinity ^3 power.

      how much more qe infinitys can we take before we go into hyper inflation?

    • I would be careful about stansberry too, they are good buddies with Casey Research. They are honestly out to make profits off of their investment service first, stock recommendations are 2nd. I like SVM and it should turn out to be a good buy in the long run, you just have to bear through the poor silver market.

      Ignore pretty much anything oops and asianvest say... their claims are debunked over and over again on here, but they say the same thing every time they post. SVM is still the largest primary silver producer, still pays a dividend, still has a load of cash in the bank with 0 debt and insiders are actually on net buying more shares than selling.

      Once SVM gets cleared from the SEC investigation, this thing will take off.

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      • I kinda resent the part where you say "ignore pretty much anything... asianvest say[s]... their claims are debunked over and over again..."

        Actually, I wouldn't mind if you pointed out one place where my claims were "debunked." What I post is either clearly my opinion, or verifiable facts. And I think you should encourage people to spend a few minutes doing a bit of their own research, and they will easily verify the facts through public information just as I have done.

        Because it might help people to understand why this stock keeps going down, if they realize to most reasonable independent investors it sure looks like the makings of a group of foreigners taking investor funds for remote mining operations that can never really be verified, and then paying out a tiny portion of the raised funds in dividends to keep the shareholders mollified, even as the reported mine results continue to look worse and worse. There is a century-old name for that sort of financial scam.

      • What "SEC investigation?"

        And what "$8 per share SVM stock coming soon?"

        And what "$150 crude oil by...?'

    • yeah, I bought several Matt B recommendations (gas stocks) two years ago and lost my shirt. 25% trailing stop saved my butt. most of the recommendations are down 90% and a few in Bankruptcy! He recommended ATC.V and KAM.V a year ago, and those are off 50%. He has started recommending larger companies, hopefully safer ones. But I bit on this one two. I have learned, that his research isn't too bad, but his timing is terrible. I bought SVM at $3.15 waiting just two weeks after his recommendation when it was $4. Hopefully we have seen a bottom now. It has tested that price 4 times now. If Silver can get some legs, this stock should be great. Who knows, maybe his other ones too. Mining shares are out of favor. that is the time to buy. So hold tight. They can't suppress the price for ever (silver) or can they? Do what you want with Matt B. I haven't made any money on a single one of his recommendations. So I'm done too.

      Sentiment: Buy

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      • If you're buying this on recommendation of a published report... and the "analyst" didn't warn you about the higher than usual risk of fraud with this company; and the fact that the COO has sold all his shares; and the CEO has left the Canada corporate office in charge of a newly rehired SVP and investor relations guy; and that a lot of their projects are not being developed but rather they hope to "dispose" of them at an attractive price; and they have completely written off a recent investment in an active Canadian zinc mine; and have been consistently ratcheting down their guidance on ore grades and mine results; and as of a few weeks ago they stated they will not meet the last guidance projections and are not offering new ones...

        ...and NONE of that has anything to do with the price of tea in China, or the price of silver anywhere...

        ...well, I'd strongly question the motivations and competence of whomever is providing the "research recommendations"!