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  • littlealfred littlealfred Oct 11, 2013 8:32 PM Flag

    Robert Gayton is gone, who is next?

    Gayton is no longer a director according to SVM's website, where his pic and bio have been removed. I suspect his departure relates to the Barron's article. SVM is just in too much trouble now for someone as wealthy as Gayton to be involved. Don't forget that Rui Feng moved to Singapore. The gang is clearing out of Canada, fast.

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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    • and let us know about you people eh?

      maybe you are afraid of exposing yourselves?

    • so littlealfred have you grown up yet?

      anyway what is your real occupation and this goes to asian and oopsie as well.
      please discuss with us your real jobs and what your certifications are.

      or are you too cowardly to answer?

    • You scammers and cheaters again. After every managerial position move you liars talk about how they leave for malicious reasons.

      I remember when Lorne Waldman went on his sabbatical you guys parroted all over the message boards like it was the end of the world for SVM.

      Like all liars who purport their own agenda. Follow the money. In your case you #$%$ can't conceive of it being any other way. Always a "worst case" scenario for you.

      • 1 Reply to ich1banf40
      • I'm not sure if Lorne "went on his sabbatical" -- or just wanted to get out of his legal liability as an officer of Silvercorp (Corporate Secretary) back then... but that was in early November, 2012... at the time SVM was trading around $6.

        Okay, 50% decline in a year is not "the end of the world" as you say -- but it would have saved you a bit to pay more attention to the obvious warning signs. Just like now that Lorne is back from "sabbatical" his title is only SVP -- he's no longer an Officer or Director anymore -- and yet he's now in charge of the corporate headquarters and "general corporate matters"... that's a lot of responsibility for a lowly SVP. (Wonder how much he is being paid to fill all those shoes?!?)