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  • carrieluisi carrieluisi Oct 18, 2013 3:34 PM Flag

    this board is a mess

    there used to be intelligent and usefull information and posts on this it's a soap opera ? please direct me to a place where i can monitor my investment that is down 50%.....thanks for a usefull post silver so.

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    • But we intelligent posters have nothing to contribute. It's a wait and hold game now carrie.... if you are mad about your gold and silver investments being down, we are too.

      But that is how they operate. They try to squeeze you out until the last long sells, then they buy all they can at rock bottom prices. Seriously, there is nothing else to contribute. Just hold your silver and gold investments, they will pay off 10 or 20x eventually like they always do when the fruit ripens.

      We will have a climax in the SPX by the end of this year, before the new year and you could see things get a little wild for the 1 index that was the worst performer this year.

      The worst performers in one year, are quite usually the best performers in subsequent years. Gold is the most oversold commodity. Just hold out and don't worry about what people say about this sector because they are blind.

      If you hold Apple or MSFT, I would sell all of it over the next 3 months.

    • *nods wish we can go back to discussing about real data instead but certain people keep spamming about nothing

    • I would suggest the company's website as no better a place for monitoring all the key developments affecting your investment. Silvercorp has been showing its investors recently how they are set out to exemplify the mission statement of "shareholder friendly" attributes with their openness and transparency.

      Good luck with your investment while using their statements and guidance and conference calls, all of which should no doubt be immeasurably more beneficial to you than anything either the pesky bashers may say in "tarnishing SVM and its investors," or those who are bullish and were formerly more helpful to you with their "intelligent and useful information" which has contributed to the 50% decline you are carrying.

    • smythjudy72 Oct 18, 2013 6:32 PM Flag

      A lot of paid trolls hang around to collect their penny a word pay to feed the wife and kids some how. Can't do it in the real world, with real people, so they hide on the Internet..

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