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  • oopsiomni50cents oopsiomni50cents Oct 25, 2013 2:43 PM Flag

    (OT) ikes: Here's a hot new pick you may wish to delve into! Zogenix Wins U.S. Approval for Pure Hydrocodone Pain Pill

    ZGNX on the run. Already seen in Yahoo's Top Ten search list upon this news.

    ZGNX: $3.09 +$0.85 +37.95%

    Good luck if you wager a play! I'm goin' in.

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    • I thought this was SVM's board, not a sounding board for biotech companies that are hype and hype and hype until they make late stage II and III

    • ikes48 Oct 28, 2013 10:22 AM Flag

      Thanks, these small pharmaceutical companies.I play them a lot.
      @ ryugo: Seems your looking in your rear view mirror.Think about future EPS.Also big companies love to by these small ones out.Lots of upside play here in my book.

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      • and to oopsie telomerase patents + stem cells are way more IMPORTANT than your dingy zogenix patents.

        but then even then those companies fell. it is simply put the research is not profitable yet.
        most of these companies LOSE MONEY.

        let the rich folk use their money stop asking small investors to throw their money away as they need to gain capital first.

        oopsie go market yourself to hedgefunds to invest in those things tyvm.

      • you could look at geron where it was 1 buck a few months ago as well and it suddenly shot up to 4 bucks+ now as well.

        same deal. it went up 400% from 1 dollar. so what happens?

        it was 10 years since I researched that company in the biotech space.
        their main problem like 99% of all bio techs? anyone care to guess?

        I had it with biotech research companies too much gamble too little gain.

        if anything buy a whole basket of them with no more than 1000 dollars in each company and be done with it.

        when one goes up extremely. sell it.
        see how many winners you get and if it will off set your losses. MY bet you lose most of it.
        unless of course you play insider trading like 90% of wall street and pump and dump then run away.

        that is pretty much the only way to profit from them.
        so please oh OOPSIE wise one that did all the research on the company tell us how their research will change lives? and how it will revolutionize healthcare?
        how much profits it will generate and the estimated patient count?

        yes that is right you just pump it without stating any fundamental reasons to invest in it.

        your investments will destroy long term investors. short term are there to trade so they do not matter.

        The company I have talked of Geron has the telomerase patents btw.
        and do you even know what that does and what research it is or the potential?
        I do but even then the company is down 50% from 10 years ago where I never touched it because I know bio techs are like the airline industry generally 90% of the time money losers long term.

        it is like hitting the jackpot. but then the jackpot also loses almost everything...after a while.
        some jackpot....

      • also lots of bio techs went up enourmously not just his pick of the month.

        if you get in at the right time then there would have been huge gains anyway many of them go up and down 100-400% then down 99%.

        then up again 200% from 99% but over all they go down.

        reason why is because their research largely has nothing to show for it.
        their market is too small and they cannot make a profit so they are banking on someone buying them out but no one bought them out as a result they decline 90% or more...

        yeah some gambling right?
        stupid idiots I say.

        here is an idea to them pharmas.

        try to sell their product cheaply so competitive that the big pharmas will see you as a real threat that will FORCE them to buy you out or lower their own prices/margins.

        you know competition in capitalism eh? who would have though right?
        but nope they keep prices sky high.

        as stupid as they are and sell their services stupidly high to recoup their investment while they can still profit a bit less by lowering them.

        real issue with healthcare = not enough competition to lower doctor wages
        such as med schools making it annoying to get their foot in the door for training.

        supply and demand issue.

        but this is far from the topic at hand at trading like 90% of you want to do anyway.
        go ahead and trade I am only pointing out that oopsie recommends things that are gambles mostly and not long term plays.

        they are MOMO plays to let the big boys that already profited get out in the first place.
        this confirms my suspicion that he works for those groups in a large part or have worked for them.

      • I hate playing with bio techs in general reason why?

        99% of the time they lose money.

        eg dndn = up 10000% and then down 99%. one year later

        that is why I tell people to trade what oopsie tells them but NEVER touch them for long term holds.

        at most you might be able to hold them for 1 year
        afterwards they will dump them like a cheap #$%$.

        I know oopsie is a pump and dumper that is pretty much a fact now the way he presents himself

        if he was a good pump and dumper he would have told us to buy it a few days before the run up.
        but nope he didn't even do that instead tells us to buy it after the fact meaning it is worthless information where most of the easy money is made already.

        that in itself is the problem.
        therefore I dislike obvious banksters/bankster supporters like oopsie.

    • after the fact right? are you stupid?
      and I do hope you got out of your rvlt pump and dumps by now with the 2nd chance at the trading.


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      • ikes48 Oct 29, 2013 12:44 PM Flag

        Geezzzzzzz. Come up for air ryugo82.

      • Hey Ryugo, What is your real job in life??


      • You got it, ryugo! "After the fact," as you say. Uhm, like Transition Therapeutics, remember??? TTHI, the Topic in which you asserted that I "shouldn't be the one recommending biotech stocks because fasebyao is the one employed in the field!" REMEMBER? In July, less than 4 months ago when that "after the fact" accusation rec was at $4.00? And now is $5.15, up almost another 30% since!!!

        Esentrik argued the same thing with the "Waaay too thinly traded" Ikonix, IKNX, I offered in $9s, and at $10+, $11s and $12s...and is today at ~ $18.50!

        LoLoLoL No, YOU should be the one listening to ME about stock picks and trading, as you'd have ditched This dog at ~$6 last year June! Oh, and how's that other stuck-in-the-mud turrrdball you own doing, LINE...spinning its wheels at $26-ish? PeeeeeeeeUUUUU!!!

        Gawd, I LOVE your sharp criticism and critiques! Should I sell PRLB, too, bud? At $86 now, from the $50 area or so where I gave it with DDD and several others as a basket of 3Ds to buy? Your ideas of "good stocks worthy of purchase" seem to be the slopes of hope whose charts are in tumble modes from the upper left to the lower right while bashing EVERYthing else which are Climbing! Well, except the ryugo-mutual-fund of apparently *hundreds* of _necessities_ you claim to own...but NEVER dare to share...yet you allege are "all at or near all-time highs."


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