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  • oopsiomni50cents oopsiomni50cents Nov 8, 2013 3:28 PM Flag

    (OT) missinoutagain, ikes: Danm! Wish I'd have listened to ryugo and sold RVLT and INFI this week!

    Geeeeez! I don't know what is wrong with me these days, my market timing being, uh, _so out of kilter_ according to the pinpoint of accuracy options master himself, Ryugo Dejarian, the apparently *ultimate* caller of stocks' tops and bottoms! Well, except for his SVM, which he is bagholding since $double-digits, because "those finanShill bashers/croooks got it all wrong!" Anyway, as usual, ryugo was/is _right_ that the stock ideas I share are "all pump and dump dogs" because... A) the stocks don''t just go steadily straight up without ANY pulling back of so much as a Dime and I "was dumb enough not to TRADE and sell out" before a deeper retreat! (RVLT) And B) I failed at picking the precise bottom (INFI) thus I was subject of laughable embarrassment as it had sold off sharply early this week after my mention of it last week around $15.

    Anyway, I am totally pssied off at myself for deciding on being an Investor and NOT just trading right back out, listening to knows-it-all ryuGOD as he was harping all over me about these, uh, _duds_, and just Puking the stocks out of my system yesterday, tiring of "being wrong!" I mean, like, come on, look what further "damage" I could have protected myself from, and anyone "foolish" enough to have heeded the recs by purchasing the stocks, had I/we listened to him and Dumped. Hideous action today, with both stocks getting Annihilated as SVM rocket is launching by a nickel!

    RVLT: $3.30 +$0.60 +22.22%
    INFI: $14.10 +$2.13 +17.79%

    Heheh, Shame on me, eh? (-;

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    • Hello SVM gang. I said I would buy if it gets to 2.50 area., so tonight I placed a small order 2.47 which did not fill, see what happens here tomorrow. This will see 3 again, 13?...I'm not so sure.

      Funny how we all loved silver in the 30's LoL.

      Will you guys be here all weekend?

      GL to all you guys, and Happy Thanksgiving.

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      • happy thanksgiving missinoutagain.

        man I don't know what the hell is wrong with people they pumped bit coins from worthless bit coins to 1000+ and

        drive silver down to nothing basically.

        We all knew the FEDERAL RESERVE themselves are behind all this but come on they are over doing it way too much already it is as if they dont care about hiding that fact now. and saying neener neener you cannot do anything...And they are right people are so #$%$ headed so they cant do anything.
        the majority are too stupid or they benefit from this so they do not want to give it up and fight.

        *shakes head at humanity*
        bit coins are now at 900 bucks for god sakes.

        I mean I do have a few bit coins when I mined them with my gpu and I already paid it off as well with the ones I mined. I use it to play games and do gpu intensive work.

        but geez people are getting too irrational
        oh well. I guess I could just let it ride. But otherwise I am fine.
        Now I wished I bought them instead of just mined them... back in the day they were pennies when I looked at them...well who knew...oh well.

        notes: I am still mining them throughout the days but it is inefficient right now.
        luckily my power = covered no worries.

        people do not even calculate do they...
        they must be just leeching power from others

    • and also oopsie if it was a good deal you wont post it here anyway

      banksters never sell good deals to the people on the street after all we all know banksters true nature.
      they are not innovators nor are they workers they are the thief class in the financial system

    • um you were talking about zgnx not infi you fake

      btw I told you to definitely scale back and put stop losses around 4-5 dollars
      and I told you to maybe trade below 2.8 for rvlt if you want to trade that is because the shorts may cover around there due to over extension.

      but of course you didn't listen

      these reasons are why I dont listen to pump and dumpers and short and distorters.
      because they always lie like you oopsie

      never telling the full truth.

      ps zgnx might go up or not but they want to dilute themselves while they know they are at a good price.
      when the markets are at all time highs.

      bio techs always dilute themselves out of existence until crows come home. and wait for buy outs 1% chance of long term gains usually

      short term is a wash for all stocks gamble what you will you are just playing penny poker and asking others to play penny poker as well.

      there is no fundamental basis after all unless of course you are waiting for insider info which is illegal anyway.

    • ikes48 Nov 8, 2013 4:41 PM Flag

      Love your messages,oops.Like I said,I am receptive to any & all stock ideals.Even your good buddy Ragoo.

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      • INFI is beginning to get itself up off of the deck. After my post mentioning it ($14.10, Oct. 29th), it initially took a hit, back briefly below $12, diverging negatively from the recuperating technical parameters' picture. From that day's intra-session lows it's been climbing, had news of narrower than expected losses for the quarter, and updated the street regarding several near-term catalysts which may ignite the stock's upturn. Closed at $14.52 today, spanked lower once nudging its 50-day ema of $15.27, although it still appears to be uptrending with support from here to a dollar-ish lower. Barring any hiccup surprises, I see share prices continuing to chew through the overhead til about $17.25, and succeeding that, then perhaps a move toward $20 may be next in the cards. Keep a watch. Also, another one on my streamer that's catching some good action is IMUC which I may be adding should it consolidate from this week's jump. Good luck!

    • what about FRAN? arent you down 40% on that?

      also, please be more verbose.

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      • Uhm, YEAH! I do confess, I am a mere human mortal who is farrrr from being perfect, unlike our sharp minded ryuGOD who seems to know everything about everything, and advises others to do so about entire INDUSTRIES of stocks in which they invest. Whew! That'd be one heck of a heap of information to read up on and learn!!! is that doing for him, huh? Knowing all there is to know about silver and pertaining to the silver sector while getting absolutely clobbered with his SVM holdings which he knows inside and out, for what, about 33 months running!

        But anyway, I digress. (-; Answering your question, yes, ol' FRANnie has been one giant Milk Dud for me! And yes, it's still a holding in my account's portfolio mix. Negative 35% and hovering just under the $20 mark. I'll see how things go end of year and into early '14 then decide whether to vomit the stock. LoL Thanks for asking though.

    • oopsi, i've done well on RVLT, love that thing. Will check out INFI while I enjoy the 5 cent gain on SVM, while it lasts. Still a bag holder.