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  • kzaz1469 kzaz1469 Nov 25, 2013 10:25 AM Flag

    Continue to Short

    SVM displaying serious weakness, Anything below 2.50 and it going to 2.

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    • And of course, if you're right (and it looks like you will be), and the stock goes to 2 -- if there is still ZERO insider buying, or company share repurchases, at that low price.... well then, it becomes a self-reinforcing cycle. And in that case I'd expect it to go even lower.

      One of the big risks that is specific to Silvercorp is that they have raised lots of capital in dollars, and moved those funds into RMB accounts controlled by subsidiary foreign corporations based in China. They report almost no $ cash as of the last filing. Barely enough for the dividend and Canadian payroll. So the lack of share repurchases may be an indication they don't intend to repatriate funds to Canada. Ever. (That would suck, if you're a North American owner.)

      And a glance at all the mining investment write-downs and write-offs the company has taken in this year alone should make it clear how just easy it would be to make funds suddenly "disappear" overseas. With little oversight and no recourse.

    • but anyway I guess people are going to stop using the stupid excuse that svm is asian miner it sucks
      when it should be svm is a miner it sucks

      at the bare min if you want to bash it should be bashed based on that.

      I in general do not use racist arguments though except when someone acts racist I will treat them racistly since they deserve it.

      so why only svm? just short gdx and gdxj as well if you want.
      svm is in gdxj btw so it is the same thing

      but most here short svm as a miner because someone racist told them to not because svm is just a miner.
      others that short svm because it is a miner I actually have little problem with.

      and respect more

    • more like your types making stuff up again

    • anyway bit coins is now being said to be worth more than silver 5 billion market cap
      +5 billion for way of transacting online
      +5 billion etc

      15 billion total they say it is worth...

      #$%$ thats how they got their number eh?

    • anyway I will say again DO not BOAST about you following fraud.
      if you want to boast at least laugh like an evil idiot would in movies.
      provide some entertainment for us dealing with you frauds.


    • or it will garner very unpopular comments so to speak.
      people in general do not want to hear the truth though.

      too bad.

      I just told their hero was a fraud though,

      some china bashers are too bias
      and pro china are as well bias.

      I already said though there are good and bad there.
      and if you hit 90% you will still hit 10%
      note this was from china shorts themselves they said they do not have a perfect record. and when pointed out that they said hey my record is good...yeah no apologies? yep none at all.

      still waiting for apologies from them
      note knowing math
      for being bias
      for not being able to hear
      for being blind.

      when pointed out those things they flatly ignore you. a good insult basically.
      I remember these things very well and Will in face cause me to target your types down especially if you show your face and boast in any shape or form.

    • and if you are referring to asianvest and such idiots spamming the same thing over and over again like he was hired obviously speaking.

      then you have to realized by now that their numbers totally suck as we had to give them the info to even do any bashing in the first place.

      now that they have tools others gave them to do their jobs they want to use it against us their teachers so to speak.

      it seems some of you have not even graduated high school.
      as many do not even know how to do weighted averages in math.

      namely our good friend mr asianvest citing that bumbling idiot and says he is not related to which means nothing.
      we both know that he#$%$ is bias and racist for that matter.

      this has been confirmed.
      what I want people to understand though is svm is just a MINER nothing more nothing less.
      stop trying to spin it as something special to suit their agendas.

      miners are already being hit by the FED itself because they need to control perception.
      now others want to add something spicy to the mix for no reason at all other than be bias.

      if you want to compare then use other miners combined rather than only target one.

      yes I call that bullying not just of any type as well.

      you see this is exactly the same as when in high school those popular kids find a target to bully as one has no friends then they did well on a test and others get jealous so all of them at once take you in the back and beat you up.

      or in a less violent way spread rumors and lies about you and you run away from school.
      notice they targeted them for that matter

      most of you guys are that type though.
      because you do not want to get targeted you also join the popular kids instead.

      a real human being though would try to befriend the unpopular one and fight the popular ones but that only occurs in cartoons now I guess.

      how unfortunate.
      telling the truth is against the law now.

    • I agree, it looks like its making new lows (even as silver is up). I'll definitely continue to short.

      And pity some of the adamant longs can't quite seem to admit that the management's lack of purchases as the price tumbles should be a loud warning siren that nothing soon will change for the better. Well, always good to keep an open mind.

    • so what do you say sky is blue you are the one whom are saying the sky is pink and purple

      I am telling it as it is as the truth.
      I have already said the FED themselves are shorting gold and silver and such matters.

      it is you whom do not seem to get what is happening.

      you could just say," neener neener FED and us will stomp you down instead and just be honest instead.
      of faking it"

      we know it's you guys and types.
      the momo chasers now are just piggy backing on the criminals that are the FED and banksters.
      what else is new

      you know this is true but you stick your head in the sand because you can profit off it.
      no DUH.

      • 2 Replies to ryugo82
      • You state that metals meaning Gold & Silver are being manipulated by external forces. Correct? So then may I ask why are you fighting it? There is nothing wrong about being on the right side of the fix! Right now the game is in the Short and not Long, How many RED days is it going to take you to see that? The FED can't raise interest rates or else the whole thing is going to collapse! The FED is going to LIE and LIE! When they can't fool anyone anymore, and other countries like China stop buying our dollars then it will go to the moon, but until then good luck!

      • "The momo chasers now are just piggy backing on the criminals that are the FED and banksters.
        What else is new?"

        Sounds just like the scenario of what happened to you and 99% of the hypsters on this, and all the PM stocks' message boards while the FED was "manipulating" the metals up to the 2011 bubble from whence they've been phhhssssssssh-ing steadily downward!

        You know this is true but you stick your head in the sand because you CAN'T profit off it.
        No? DUH!

    • what other happenings oh that is right mf global stealing.

      and comex lbma denying withdrawals

      gld/slv etf denying redemptions
      and such

      do you deny that the stock market in general is a load of bs scam/fraud itself?

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