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  • ich1banf40 ich1banf40 Dec 2, 2013 11:00 PM Flag

    Why I am right and SVM is a steal

    They told me I was wrong to put $1000 into Bitcoin when the price was $10 a coin and now it has increased more than 10,000% from $10. The told me I was wrong to buy Sirius Sat. when it was at 97 cent.... now at more than triple the price. They told me I was wrong to buy Ford at its 20 year lows, now it has increased more than 10 fold.

    They told me I am wrong to buy corn before it exploded last year. They told me I was wrong to buy biotech's focused on bird flu vaccines that have now since tripled in China before the N7N9 scare.

    Now they tell me I am wrong to buy SVM.

    I have not made 1 wrong investment in the last 10 years. This is going to be one of the best investments of 2014 and I can see this easily going to more than $25 a share. Yes, I may have made some short term calls that did not come to fruition yet....key word, yet. But if you go with my call here, you will be sitting right in 2 years time.

    Keep buying and sit tight. This is one for the ages.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Good Luck, you may be right in a couple of years but as of today it's the wrong call.

    • you should look up bill still
      he talks about bit coins here.
      SR 137 -- Bitcoin in China

      wow. china is actually rebelling against dollar
      now telecom companies makes bitcoins legit.
      china has no intention to make bit coins illegal...
      Bill still makes it clear that crypto currency not legal tender but will not persecute anyone for using them
      which means they are legitimizing bit coins and such currency

      as expected...
      In all honesty I only mined bit coins for a while maybe I should have bought them they were pennies when I saw them and were looking into them back then.

      but I still stand bit coins and such have no value except what people give it.
      therefore if people chooses to drop it bit coins would be destroyed.

      but as it stands now bit coins are gaining traction so I don't know except they are in a bubble compared to silver and gold.

      does china collect taxes from bit coins? hmm

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      • Ryu, I believe cyrpto-currencies can be the bain of all FIAT existence. The chinese government will MOST likely regulate all cyrpto currencies in its borders. Think about it, the darling mega-giant mercantilist banks that operate in China can never compete with a fee-free currency.

        The big banks in China are owned by CCP members. They will never let their cash cow die due to lack of fee generation.

        Ryu, be very contrarian in your thoughts, even more than you already are. I have considered the possibility that the US Fed is actually the creator of Bitcoin. Think about it. What better way to track everyone than by "selling" the idea of cryptographic encryption that is supposedly bullet proof.... and oh it was all created by a pseudonymous person named "Satoshi".... "See it wasn't us, it was someone in Japan that made it".

        As, I have spoken before. The world governments will look for a 1 world currency, and this may be their darling all along designed to dupe everyone.

        I have a friend who has a PhD and he can't even figure out how to buy Bitcoin and he doesn't understand it although he tells me constantly the "rationalist" argument of why you should own it, which are all the arguments of why you should own gold and silver.

        My point is that there is NO possibility that gold/silver can ever be traced and BTC's biggest claimed advantage is being anonymous.... what if, just what if BTC was a Trojan Backdoor?

        I don't mind that it is currently anti-fiat, but it also doesn't mean one day that governments can regulate it and issue fractional reserves against them (just as they can with gold).

        My point is that Gold is the only object to pass the 5 characteristics of money stated by Aristotle. BTC passes 4, but has no intrinsic physical value.

      • Whatever, about the corrupto, I mean crypto currency shticoin phenomenon's irrelevancy to SVM. What's with these "hopeful" lunatics with their positive ratings for this #$%$ ichbanf who has been WRONG-WRONG-WRONG-WRONG-WRONG-WRONG on everything he has posted and advised regarding SVM, and who also are rating down my truth revelation of this fact? How 'bout a thousand, or maybe a million and one kudos for ME, as *I've* been the one with accuracy and expertise in recommending that anyone use whatever intermittent spates of _strength_ are seen to offload their positions from the stock...including the most recent run which flirted with $4s where it was noted that "the stock is showing technicals as extended as they were at last year's Fakeout Breakout when SVM had briefly _recovered_ to $6+."

        Yeah! FANTASTIC calls from the chart, which 'stockdude13' claims "Charts? That's trading, not investing." Great! So if one had invested at $6 last year, believing the chart was only offering "trading" forecasts, they're holding a 15-month, 60% decline...and, similarly, had one purchased around the $4 mark seen in late August this year, well, they've already taken a 40% "paper loss" clobbering for just 3 and a half months' holding timeframe. Brutal!

        Also, for those who say that "SVM follows silver." What's with the stock remaining about UNCH as silver has rallied a good 3.5% today? More "tax selling" excuses? A bunch of people SOS-ing, disagreeing with ichypsterbanf and using today's minor upticks to $2.50 to liquidate?

    • "Now they tell me I am wrong to buy SVM."

      No, we've been telling you since $5+, and for a 50% decline now. Be completely straight up about it if you're wanting credibility.

      Same with the oil calls for $150! Sheesh. How's that going?

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